Charlie 6 arrive to complete construction at Chimlata Primary school

20th July 2017

Charlie 6’s project site at the primary school in Chimlata

There are two main aspects to our project: infrastructure and education. We will be finishing off the construction of the toilet blocks by plastering, painting and finalising the disabled and menstrual hygiene management rooms. We will also be building a new hand washing station. This includes digging foundations before laying bricks and plastering – a tough job, but one that will be extremely rewarding when we can hand over the completed facility to the community.

As well as the building work, we will be conducting SWASH lessons to educate the school children about water safety and personal hygiene. The SWASH club that meets twice a week will be continued, to reinforce the importance of good sanitation practices throughout the community. The aim of SWASH clubs is for the safe practices learned by the school pupils to be passed on to their families resulting in the whole community benefitting. The practices shared during our time spent in village will remain in place long after we have gone and will benefit many generations of the local community.

Charlie 6 working on constructing the hand washing station

Charlie 6 is also going to be mobilising the community of Chimlata by participating in focus groups with the elders, young people and women and holding an action day – an opportunity for us to engage with the whole community and share our message through a day of fun, games and food.

We spoke with community members to understand their thoughts and feelings about the work we will be completing in Chimlata. Homestay Mama Matrida shared her thoughts saying:

“I am happy to see the Raleigh Tanzania organisation here caring for the villagers’ needs in Chimlata and for building toilets and the hand washing station. Since 2005 the school had no good toilets. The ones which they were using were not good for the children and they were in a dangerous environment. My fellow villagers of Chimlata are happy with the work that Raleigh Tanzania does, also I am happy with the team leaders and those volunteers for the good cooperation they show to us. I enjoy being a homestay host of volunteers”

Homestay Mama Matrida

The chairman of Chimlata also had this to say about the project:

“I see the project helps to bring development in Chimlata village and also it helps to motivate the youth to volunteer in various activities to help the community. We thank all Raleigh Tanzania people and all those who have participated to make the project a success, and all those who continue to volunteer.”

All of Charlie 6 are excited to embark on this 4 week challenge to make a difference in the village of Chimlata!

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