Charlie 6 – MDGs on the ground

28th October 2013

Mambo! We are Charlie 6 and are based in the remote village of Endashangwet where our project partner DMDD has already been making a great contribution to the community.  DMDD has been funded by the Australian government on a six year programme, highlighting the importance of global development partnerships. 

For our blog this week we are going to discuss the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) set out by the UN, and assess how they are being achieved within this local community. So far the community of around 3000 villagers has made great progress on constructing a water irrigation system, which is allowing the water from a preserved spring to improve the agricultural land.  Along with this two water tanks are in the process of being finished to allow for natural rain water to be conserved, and demonstration latrines have been built. These have been attracting villagers from nearby communities who have come to view them. These projects are having a significant impact in achieving the first MDG of eradicating extreme poverty and hunger. 

IMG 7799

Before the improved water irrigation system 70% of the water from the springs was lost into the soil.  Now the water is conserved more efficiently and has allowed the land to be used for growing crops such as onions, tomatoes and avocados and for feeding the livestock.  This is not only ensuring that the villagers have their own produce to eat but also that they are able to sell it to other villagers and at local markets, and therefore generating a personal income. 

The collection of natural water will significantly reduce the time and distance that the villagers have to go to collect water for their homes, and therefore gives them more time to earn money and care for their families. This has been achieved by constructing a water tank next to the village office allowing for rain water to flow from a specially designed roof into the tank. 

IMG 7418

Families are able to come to view the demonstration latrines to decide which latrine would be best for them to build based on the money that they have to spend.  Having this opportunity families are able to lower their chances of disease and sickness, again improving their opportunities to earn more money and improve their daily lives. 

This project site has a lot of opportunities for Charlie 6 to really get out there into the community and achieve the 6 areas of the ICS project, making a lasting impact to the community of Endashangwet.