Here come the girls: spotlight from Echo 5

3rd November 2017

Our first interviewee was 14-year-old Jovita who had recently graduated from primary school. At first, she was very shy, but she soon opened up and we got to know her. She moved in with her sister who has recently had a beautiful baby boy, to help around the house. Most of her day is spent preparing meals and cleaning the house. Jovita enjoys helping her sister out while she cares for her child. In the future Jovita aspires to be a nurse; Mgama has a health centre, which Jovita hopes to work for one day! As part of the community, she would be a welcome and recognisable addition to the health centre team. Her commitment to her family was notable and we encouraged Jovita to follow her dreams. Her kind nature would make her an excellent nurse. She is also excited to have a family of her own who she can provide and care for, but not before she achieves her career goals.

When she isn’t helping her family, Jovita, “loves watching movies, playing with her friends and spending quality time with her sisters.” She would love to have the opportunity to join a netball team, and would like to take up swimming. We reckon she’d be fierce at netball!
We spoke to her parents, who “are supportive but also want to push her to try her hardest to be successful.” Jovita admits she wish she had tried harder in school, but at only 14 and with the support of her family, we are confident she will push herself to reach her goals and become a nurse!

Best friends Germana (left) and Mercia (right).

We then interviewed best friends, Germana and Mercia, aged 15 and 13. Daily routines for them involve school and homework as well as spending time with friends. We noticed when interviewing young girls in the community, that friendship is key in supporting each other to strive to success. Germana enjoys playing football with the boys, which we congratulated her on as an idol for ignoring gender norms! Both girls enjoy science at school, and Mercia also mentioned her love for Swahili and art. We loved listening to their favourite subjects at school, but we were delighted when they told us their courageous ambitions. Germana wants to be an English teacher as she loves the language, “speaking it, reading it and writing it!” We were impressed by her enthusiasm in a subject that was not her native language. Germana wants to work at the secondary school in Mgama, so she can teach her friends children! Mercia wants to pursue a career as a reporter after school, as she “loves talking about subjects she has a passion for.” The strong friendship and support they offered each other when they were answering questions was remarkable. Friendship allows the girls to talk openly about their hopes and dreams, and empower each other to reach their goals!


Words by Echo 5. Images by Echo 5.

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