Community Life – Charlie 3

18th July 2013

C3 chapati

Mambo from Charlie 3!

It’s been a rollercoaster week this week for us, and we’ve proven what a strong team Charlie 3 is. Having arrived in our village of Nkonkilangi on Monday, we immediately set about making a place we could call home, whilst under the constant watchful eye of the local villagers. As a result we often have the feeling of being in the Big Brother House!


Our new home is located between the local primary school and playing field, and is fully furnished with tents for sleeping, a long drop (aka a hole in the ground/toilet), slop holes, a shower (aka a tarpaulin tied round a tree), and a campfire. We also have the added bonus of being close to the village church – which belts out uplifting music from 4am!

As well as building our camp, we’ve also began making friends with our local community; learning to make chapatti’s with the local women, playing football and games with the children, and attending Sunday’s church service. The Tanzanian villagers have been really welcoming to us, and we are looking forward to getting to know them over the coming weeks.

C3 chapati


We’ve also began our project work with our Tanzanian NGO partner; SEMA (Sustainable Environment Management Action). So far we’ve visited four of the local sub-villages to conduct questionnaires about latrine and washing facilities, and the prevalence of disease. The results have been really interesting; highlighting many aspects of Tanzanian village life, and the differences in our cultures and traditions.

C3 action research


We’re all really looking forward to the coming weeks; which will entail awareness raising, construction of latrines, and  a number of mini projects, such as the running of after school clubs with the children- as we feel teaching them the Maccarena and Hokey-Cokey is a must!

Love to everyone at home, and remember……

Charlie 3 is very sweet!