Continuing sustainable work: The Gorkha ICS Livelihood Teams for this Spring Cycle 2019

18th February 2019

Team Ranisuwara

The Ranisuwara team has team leaders Sagar and Spandan with volunteers Ellis, Fariha, Georgia, Henry, Kandazi, Ronik, Jeeban, Bishal, Asmita and Luke

Ranisuwara is in ward no. 5 of Gandaki Rural Municipality. The community is made up mainly of Magar ethnicity. The main source of income is traditional farming of cereal crops, daily base wage employment and foreign employment in the community.

Team Chapthok

The Chapthok team is being led by Dipika and Olivia and has volunteers Alexander, Dayna, Dexter, Bibek, Hayley, James, Marley, Aayush, Roban, Pralita and Nabina.

Chhapthok is in ward no. 5 of Gandaki Rural Municipality of Gorkha district. Chapthok also consists Magar as major ethnicity. Our volunteers will be organising different awareness raising sessions on youth development, child development and infrastructure works for income generation.

Team Adhikari Gaun

Adhikari Gaun has Team leaders Steven, Louise and Rijan with volunteers Toby, Aisha, Bethany, Emma, Jennifer, Laura, Robert, Sonya, Prashant, Abishek, Timila and Pushpa.

Adhikari Gaun has a majority of Adhikari ethnicity, one of the communities of the Gandaki Rural Municipality of Gorkha. Due to a traditional cereal crop farming techniques and less land, the community people less source of reliable income. Our 15 young volunteers will work with community to improve their livelihood with improved farming technologies.

Team Sayimure

Gemma, Bidhya and Prashit are the team leaders of Sayemure with volunteers Bisha, Emily, Hal, Jack, Kathryn, Live, Manish, Jphoebe, Pranika, Rebecca and Suja.

Sayemure is in ward no. 5 of the Gandaki Rural Municipality of Gorkha District. It is a community with a mixture of Janjatis and Dalits. They have a limited source of income as most of them are employed either abroad or outside the community.

Our ICS livelihood volunteers will be working side by side with the community on agro-based income generation activities, aimed at improving their standard of living.

Team Rampur

Bishwash and Georgios are the team leaders for Rampur with volunteers Sonu, Bikesh, Jiblal, Unisha, Caroline, Chloe, Jonathan, Joseph, Megan and Sophie.

Rampur is in ward no. 5 of the Gandaki Rural Municipality of the Gorkha District. It is a mixture of Janjati and Dalit ethnicities. The community has limited transportation access with steep hilly off roads terrain.

The volunteers will be working with the community on agro-based income generation activities, through awareness raising activities and technical programmes.

Deputy Operations Managers (DoMs)

Nitish and Katie will be supporting our ICS Livelihood Team Leaders, helping them to train and support them as they empower rural communities and their volunteers to create a long lasting change.

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images by Katie and post by Suman



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