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22nd July 2016

Focusing on improving water, health, and sanitation conditions, and increasing sustainable livelihoods, our volunteers work on various different projects; these include awareness raising, resource development, community resilience, training and coaching, and peer to peer education. These projects are small initiations that are done by our volunteers to bring about bigger changes in the community. Certainly these bigger changes cannot be made overnight, but the smaller initiations all have a positive impact on the community itself.

Youth Development Officers Priti and Sanchita
Youth Development Officers Priti and Sanchita
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Assessment day for In-country Volunteers

In the journey of volunteering with Raleigh, it’s not just the communities who are experiencing positive changes; we can see positive change in the volunteers as well. Whilst talking to our alumni, as part of the youth development team, we feel satisfied with our effort, and we are proud of what we have achieved. We believe that we have been able to support these volunteers to grow personally and professionally. Seeing how their life has changed before and after the placement, keeps us inspired to continue the work we are involved in.

The journey of the volunteers does not end after they complete their ICS placements. Some of our alumni have gone on to become part of our Country Office support team, using their various skills and passions to support the operational team, and the teams of volunteers in the field.

Having selected and recruited some of these young people who have the passion to work for the community, its great to see them gradually developing themselves within the communities that they are placed in. It makes us feel that we have done our bit to some extent for sustainable development through these volunteers.

Our volunteers in community action
Our volunteers in community action

Our Volunteers have given us a great chance to learn so many things from them. The energy they have has never let us down, never let us feel like whatever we are doing, could be a drop in the ocean. The entire journey of volunteering is not just for a volunteer or solely for the community, it is for all of us. Contributing, in our own individual ways, to create a better world.

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