A day at the park where everyone learned from each other

5th March 2018

For our first community engagement event, as we had noticed that there are no structured activities for the youth, we wanted to meet with the under 18’s in the area. Our focus was to learn about their understanding of sustainability as there is a litter problem across the hill where their houses are spread. Each ICS Committee planned an activity focusing on promoting leadership, hand hygiene and litter. The day was attended by almost 30 children whose faces lit up with enthusiasm and eagerness.
Team Leader Niraj with kids in Aapchaur
The popular game of the day was a hand wash relay race before we could have our snack break and an environmental version of ‘what time is it Mr Wolf’ with litter bugs and litter pickers leading to a talk on biodegradable vs non-biodegradable waste. For the children participating, it was as if fun and learning where synonymous as they had fun and learnt at the same time. They had never experienced anything like this before because of the didactic education system of Nepal, where book learning takes priority over practical or active learning.
Environmental version of ‘What time is it Mr. Wolf’ to talk about biodegradable and non biodegradable waste
  At the same time, our team members were learning so much more from the kids, we had never seen such boundless energy and enthusiasm in anyone before. The desire to learn more could be compared to none. By the end of the session we were tired, however the children still had more energy to burn. In an era of consoles and electronic games the children taught us how happiness can be found in small things. All they need is something new, something inspirational, something creative to engage with. We learned that the youth are passionate about the environment and the expressive arts so we intend to help establish groups including a litter group, a drama group and a dance group for them to have more social time with learning and leadership linked in. A day at the park where everyone learned from each other.   Written by Aayush Aanpchaur, Makwanpur November Charlie 2  

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