Dreams becoming reality in Msanyila

6th May 2017

The sessions we have been delivering take the entrepreneurs on a journey through all the stages in setting up a business. From idea generation to the importance of market research, business planning and finance. All this time they’ve been working out the details of their business idea, carrying out research and working on their business plans to start building on their entrepreneurship goal. Apart from this, the entrepreneurs receive one to one support from us and have set up an informal study group between themselves. To illustrate how all of this empowers young people in the community to make their ideas become reality, we will share with you the stories of four entrepreneurs from our course.

Diana Mgode, a young mother from Msanyila, started the course with an idea of opening a general store in the village. At the beginning, she lacked confidence in her abilities but through the training and one to one support from Mwajabu, she was encouraged to follow her interests more and decided to focus on her dream idea of having a fabric shop. Her idea is unique amongst the group and will cater to the needs of the community.

“Before I had a general store but the business was not successful because I did not have enough knowledge about how to run it well, and secure profit. Now I have learned a lot and I believe I will be able to run a good business.”

Diana explaining her idea to the community members
Diana explaining her idea to the community members

Happy Mbugi is another young girl on the course. She is interested in opening a clothing shop with the aim of providing women’s and children’s clothes that are currently missing in the village. With her perfect attendance and all the hard work, she has been putting in, this could become reality for her.

“To have dreams is very important but you also need to have the desire to achieve them.”

Ashery Mkanji has faced a lot of challenges on his entrepreneurship journey because people tried to discourage him from attending the course. His belief in the importance of education and motivation to succeed in his clothes shop business helped him overcome this. Ashery’s business idea compliments well that of Happy as his main target are the men in Msanyila.

“The thing I enjoyed the most about the training is the knowledge I received from Raleigh that will improve my business and life.”

Ashery talking to the village leaders and Abel YLF about his business
Ashery talking to the village leaders and Abel YLF about his business

Daniel Hayilali already has a small business repairing electronics. His dream is to expand it and offer more services to the community. In the training sessions, he is learning more about management and finance which will help him accomplish this dream. However, he said the most valuable thing he gained from us is the motivation to keep on improving.

“Through Raleigh I will be able to help other people in the community to motivate them and work hard on their ideas.”

There are around seventy people attending the course so you can imagine there are many more stories like the examples above. In the coming weeks, we will all be working hard towards ensuring all these ideas can be realised.

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