Early Summer ICS Cycle Begins: Meet the New Leaders of Change!

17th April 2018


Nanda and Ramesh- Team Leaders of Shikharjung, Gorkha

Team Leaders Nanda and Ramesh
Shikharjung is hosting second cycle of ICS volunteers. And they will be lead by Nanda and Ramesh. Nanda studied International Relations and has a Master’s degree in Government and Politics of South East Asia from SOAS. He hopes to be an inspiration and a role model to his team and aims to positively impact the community. Ramesh is an environment enthusiast. He has a Master’s degree in Environment Science. He aims to build resilience against climate change in the community.

Saraniya and Pooja- Team Leaders of Saugaun, Gorkha

Team Leaders Saraniya and Pooja
After a successful WASH cycle, Saugaun is hosting volunteers lead by Saraniya and Pooja for a Livelihood cycle. Saraniya has been a volunteer in Tanzania with Raleigh International in 2016. She worked in Raleigh Head office in London and wants to support the members of her team to reach their full potential whilst being part of an inclusive, supportive and fun team. Pooja is an abstract artist, concrete analyst and avid reader. She started her ICS journey earlier with VSO and she has not looked back since then. She is determined to run a successful project.

Jess and Sanjaya- Team Leaders of Seprak, Gorkha

Team Leaders Sanjaya and Jess
Seprak is hosting a Livelihood cycle lead by Jess and Sanjaya. As a Team Leader, Jess wants to provide a space where youths can practice and harness their untapped leadership skills. She aims to create an environment that actively encourages ambitious goal setting, self-belief and compassion. Sanjaya is a bundle of joy and as a team leader, he wants to enhance his organizational skills. He is excited to explore himself and gain wonderful experiences.  

Akhilesh and James- Team Leaders of Chhapgaun, Gorkha

Team Leaders Akhilesh and James
Akhilesh and James will be supporting volunteers in Chhapgaun. Akhilesh is studying social work and values his family more than anything. He wants to develop his leadership skills and maintain a family environment in his team. James aims to empower youth and communities to create a positive sustainable change. He hopes that the project will give him a wider perspective on challenges faced by communities and how they can be solved.

Mamata and Heather- Team Leaders of Archale, Gorkha

Team Leaders Mamata and Heather
Archale has been a home to a group of WASH volunteers in the spring cycle and now, will be a home to new group of Livelihoods volunteers lead by Mamata and Heather. Mamata loves to read and travel. She aims to dedicate all her hard work and energy into the project and her team. Heather is passionate about working with young people and is looking forward to immersing herself in a new culture and learning a lot along the way.    

Marie, Michael and Prajwal: Team Leaders of Aapchaur

Team Leaders Prajwal, Marie and Mike
Aapchaur, a village at the top of a beautiful hill, is ready to welcome WASH volunteers lead by three energetic people. Marie’s career direction changed after volunteering with Raleigh ICS in Nicaragua. She wants to help the team impact the lives of people. Mike is a law graduate and has similar goals. He aims to have a safe and successful project. Prajwal is a motivational speaker. As a team leader, he wants to promote sustainable development and inspire people to achieve their goals.

Ben and Sashwat: Team Leaders of Sanutar

Team Leaders Sashwat and Ben
The first cycle of WASH project in Sanutar will be lead by Ben and Sashwat. As a team leader, Ben wants to be approachable and aims to achieve high quality high impact program. Sashwat hopes to enrich his leadership skills whilst working on helping the volunteers achieve their personal development goals.

Nikita and Jessica: Team Leaders of Solithum

Team Leaders Nikita and Jessica
Nikita and Jessica are running a project in Solithum with their teams. Nikita loves travelling and aims to build a strong team that achieves the project goals. Jessica is currently on sabbatical from academia because she thinks it is important to have a wider range of life experiences. She wants to promote team cohesiveness and inclusivity along with her counterpart Nikki.

Ummar, Samad and Carlos: Team Leaders of Baghmara

Team Leaders Carlos Samad and Ummar
The project in Baghmara will be lead by Ummar, Samad and Carlos. Ummar hopes to immerse himself in Nepalese culture and be a part of a supportive, inclusive and fun team. Samad defines himself as someone with positive intentions and persistence. He is excited to be working as a team leader alongside Ummar and Carlos. Carlos is a Civil Engineer with a genuine passion about international development. He believes that a world free from poverty is possible and he is confident that providing safe water and improved sanitation is a key part of it.

Sam and Ajeena- Deputy Operation Managers

DOMS Sam and Ajeena
Sam and Ajeena are powerhouses of this whole unit, facilitating and coaching these team leaders and their teams throughout the whole cycle. Ajeena was a team leader on Autumn, 2017 and is wise enough to solve a Rubik’s cube in a minute. Sam has been a team leader in Tanzania and he also volunteered as deputy operation manager in Tanzania for two cycles. He loves teaching and is looking forward to make the best out of every situation. The Early Cycle Team Leaders will be sharing three months of their lives with a team of national and international volunteers in designated placements. They will be making impactful changes in the community. Since this is the last ICS program, these leaders have an additional responsibility of maintaining the integrity of ICS. Keep up to date with the stories of this cycle through this blog!

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