Echo 8 Mark International Day of Friendship

31st July 2017

When describing what was important in our friends we spoke of qualities such as intelligence, positivity, open-mindedness, modesty and hard work. Our discussion made it clear that we saw the value of friends in their ability to offer us support, advice and understanding.

Issa, Tanzanian volunteer

“Friends have helped to encourage me to become who I am and get to where I am today.”

It is common for both the UK and Tanzanian volunteers to experience challenging times whilst being away from home comforts, their friends and family. This, combined with a variety of new experiences, such as teaching a class of entrepreneurs, living without electricity or running water and eating unusual food, has made the support that fellow volunteers have been able to offer each other vital to our continued enjoyment and personal development.

Suzi, Tanzanian Volunteer

“Friends have encouraged me so I can teach when I thought that I wouldn’t be able to.”

Coming together as a result of this support we have formed strong friendships that have altered some of our pre-existing perceptions and cultural expectations with everybody learning something from one another.

Sarah, UK Team Leader

“The thoughts, philosophies and experiences of the Tanzanian volunteers have helped me learn and develop so much more than I ever imagined.”

Despite coming from different backgrounds, the Raleigh Tanzania programme has brought together a group of people who are passionate about making an impact. We work alongside one other to facilitate sustainable development through entrepreneurship. It is clear that the learning and passion gained from these friendships will continue for all of us once we have all returned home.

Anna, UK Volunteer

“Raleigh allows likeminded people, at similar times in their lives, to connect with each other which is really important.”

Sukrani, Tanzanian Volunteer

“I can take things to my friends at home which I have learnt at Raleigh and continue to move forward.”

As a team we have bonded over our triumphs and tribulations and we all know that the friendships we have made whilst being in Mkalala will remain a special part of our lives for years to come.

Harjinder, UK Volunteer

“These friends are different, friends at home haven’t lived this experience with you. These friends will always remind you of this time in your life.”

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