Establishing a Student Youth Group in Dhuseni

17th November 2017

The invitation to the Jana Shakti High School came after a successful visit to the primary school of Dhuseni. The principal was very pleased with the program we had arranged for International Handwashing Day, as he found the approach to learning fresh and innovative. I found this very encouraging, and I began to appreciate the importance of diversity in facilitating creative education.
Awareness raising project at the primary school of Dhuseney in honour of International Hand Washing Day.
As a member of the Community Development Committee I’d like to motivate people to get involved in each other’s lives, step outside of their comfort zone, and explore an alternative perspective on life. If we can inspire people to take an interest in the hygiene and safety of their lives, we can hope to reduce the number of children who die every year due to water-borne diseases. By establishing a new Student Youth Group, we can build up a network through which we can gauge more accurately the current issues of the community, and how to tackle them. The youth group has the potential to strengthen the community so it may develop a resilience to the hardship imposed by natural disasters, and the members may support each other with fresh ideas on how to face these issues. In my opinion, without a community, ideas become stagnant, and there is no room for development. We may facilitate lasting change by encouraging people to engage on a much more complex level, challenge each other’s views and opinions, and broaden their views on life, helping them to become independent. After the incredible performance put on by the High School I am convinced that the youth population possess a great amount of creative potential, and I hope to show how much I respect and value Nepali culture by learning as much as I can while I’m here. Written By Eliorah November Charlie 2 Dhuseni, Gorkha

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