Evolution: from Tango to Charlie

1st July 2013

Chicken and amoeba

The training is over. It is time to get out there. A transition from Tango (a training team) to Charlie (a project team) is needed…

Allocations to Charlie teams have now been made. All team leaders and volunteers have arrived safely in the villages that will be their homes for the next 9 weeks.



You’re an ICS volunteer, you have just woken up in your project village, you’re not sure what the day has in store and you feel a little nervous about what lies ahead. Do you know what you need?... That’s right, an ENERGISER.

At Raleigh we love morning energisers. However, we don’t save energisers until teams are out on project sites, we start using them straight away during training and a firm favourite is known as ‘Evolution’.  It is run as a large group and is based around the simple game of ‘rock, paper, scissors’. When you win a round of this game you progress up the evolutionary scale; first from an amoeba to a chicken, then onto a monkey and then, finally, when you reach the dizzy heights of a human, you can retire from the game and cheer on everyone else who is still playing.

Chicken and amoeba

Warming up to play our ‘evolution’ energiser: Kayleigh, Edson and Frank practice those moves before getting involved!

Following a number of days of training together in their Tango teams, we also asked our volunteers to evolve in a different way: into their Charlie teams.

When the final teams were announced, there were a few sad faces at the thought of being separated from some good friends.  However, these soon disappeared and were replaced with big smiles, as everyone realised what an amazing opportunity lay ahead. An opportunity, not only to make changes to our own lives through building new, long lasting friendships and challenging ourselves on a daily basis, but also to make a huge difference to the lives of the people we were about to visit in four remote Tanzanian communities.

So, here are our Charlie teams.

Charlie 1 will be heading to Chipanga in the Bahi District of the Dodoma region of Tanzania. Caroline and Hamza will lead the volunteers in their work with our project partner, MAMADO.

Charlie 1

Charlie 1: Caroline and Hamza (team leaders), Esther, Florence, Hulda, Lusajo, Sinde, Enock, Abi, Belinda, Lucca, Rachel, Sammy and Sidney.

Charlie 2 will be spending their time in Mgongo, a village in the Iramba District of the Singida region of Tanzania. TJ and Mary are their leaders and they will work with a project partner known as SEMA.

Charlie 2

Charlie 2: TJ and Mary (team leaders), Kitty, Emma, Freya, Luke, Thabani, Thomas, Catherine, Faudhia, Frank, Kennedy and Lydia.

Charlie 3 will also be working with SEMA in the Singida region, where they will be led by Kat and Edson. The name of their village is Nkonkilangi.

Charlie 3

Charlie 3: Kat and Edson (team leaders), David, Fathiya, Happy, Khalifa, Sharifa, Sub, Alicia, Amy, Emma, Gareth, Natalie and Sarah.

Charlie 4 will be heading to Mongo wa Mono in the Mbulu District of the Arusha region of Tanzania. Andy and Elisha will lead the volunteers in their work with our project partner, DMDD.

Charlie 4

Charlie 4: Andy and Elisha (team leaders), Anne, Edward, Florah, Lilian, Neema, Sarya, Aimee, Daniel, Kayleigh, Natalie, Shaazia and Tom.

So, these are our Charlie teams! Please feel free to post your comments of support and keep clicking here for further regular updates…