Expedition 16O: An introduction to the Community Phases

26th September 2016

Expedition 16O Raleigh Nepal Expedition 16O will run from October 10th to December 17th, 2016. Venturers can either take part for seven weeks or ten. The first phase of the Expedition consists of a 15-day trek in the Gorkha hills. On trek, Venturers are encouraged to develop their youth leadership skills, learn about the importance of teamwork and communication and become experts at problem solving. More on this later! In Phase Two and Three of Expedition 16O - the ‘Community Phases’ - Venturers will be in the Gorkha region of Nepal, supporting individuals and families to rebuild their homes following the 2015 earthquake. They will also be raising awareness on health, hygiene and sanitation in the communities they will be working in. The Community Phases The final two phases of the Expedition take place in the Gorkha district of Nepal. The Gorkha district was one of the worst areas hit by the 2015 earthquake and many families lost their homes and have been living in temporary housing ever since. Click here for more stats on Gorkha region. The Community Phases are 24 days and 19 days long. Venturers will have the opportunity to switch villages each phase, where as Volunteer Managers will stay in the same village for the whole six weeks to ensure continuity and to create strong ties with the community.
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