Expedition 17J phase 2 allocations: who’s going to which community?

15th July 2017

The two groups of Expedition 17J returned to the training centre after their challenging, and pretty rainy trek. Arriving at the training center they were welcomed by the operations team and a well deserved cold shower. Once all fresh and clean again, the venturers had some time to catch up with each other, share all their happenings and stories of their trek and play a game of cricket.

But, they won’t be reunited for too long because it is already time to go to their Community projects! After a good night sleep it was time for … their phase two allocations! Every venturer got a piece of paper with either a vegetable or fruit written on it. After collecting all the fruits and vegetables, the new groups hunted for their hidden Volunteer Managers to reveal their final phase teams.

The groups of the Nepal summer expedition 17J will go to two different communities, Gaucharan and Quireni in the Gorkha district. The projects will focus on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), with each comprising of infrastructure builds and awareness raising.  These two projects, as well as our 10 week community WASH projects are funded by BNP Paribas (Suisse) SA.

So without further ado, lets reveal the Phase 2 Community Teams!

Group NE4 will be deploying to Gaucharan under the lead of our Volunteer Managers: Imma, Dimitri and Pratap.

Back, left to right: Dhiraj, Vlad, Kenan, Anna, Dimitri, Alexander.
Front, left to right: Pratap, Imma, Yik, Bipusa, Rosabel.

Group NE5 will be going to Quireni together with our Volunteer Managers: Hannah, Leila and Pratap.

Back, left to right: Roshan, Mishan, Christopher, Elsemieke, Alex, George, Leila.
Front, Left to right: Hannah, Gwenyth, Sneha, Jan-Willem, Evie. 

What’s Next?

Wednesday 19th July – Operations Team support visit to 17J groups NE4 & NE5

Friday 21st July – 17I 10 week groups return & our new 7 week volunteers arrive

Sunday 23rd July – 17I 10 week groups deploy to phase two

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