Expedition 17M: The Advance team arrival

21st September 2017

Deputy Operations Managers (DOMS): Lizi and Adam

Lizi and Adam - DOMS

Lizi has arrived from Nepal ready for her sixth expedition. She’ll be working with Adam, as a Deputy Operations Manager.

‘I have come back to join Raleigh again because it continues to inspire me to work in multi-cultural teams to bring about lasting change through the work that Raleigh does. From being involved before I’ve seen the impact in the communities we work with but also the change in the volunteer and volunteer managers’.

Adam has volunteered on several other expeditions and is also back as the Deputy Operations Manager. He believes that Raleigh is the most rewarding experience because of the way a team of strangers from across the world come together as a unified ‘humanitarian and peacekeeping armada’ to make a difference.

The Logistics team: Craig, Tina and Farah

Farah, Craig and Tina - Logs

Craig is our Logistics Manager who has spent time in Costa & Nicaragua and Borneo. This will be his third expedition. ‘The thing that I value about Raleigh is being given the chance to immerse myself in a different culture and make friends from all over the world whilst helping the environment’.

Tina is a Raleigh Alumni, having completed an expedition as a venturer in the early 90s in Zimbabwe. She loved it so much that she wanted to come back and give more to a community.

This is Farah’s third expedition. She was a Host Country venturer and will now be part of the Logistics team of 17M. ‘It’s exciting, you can do something for your own people’.

Advance Medic: Helen

Helen - Advance Medic

Helen is the Advance Medic busy sorting through and organizing the medical supplies ready for the Expedition. ‘I’m looking forward to working with lovely people in the lovely jungle. Hopefully I’ll bring my skills to help keep everyone happy and healthy’.

Communications: Florence

Florence - Communications

Florence is the Communications Officer for the Expedition. She’ll be writing the blogs and posting lots of updates on Social Media with the help from VMs and venturers. She’s excited to venture into the Bornean Jungle to collect some amazing stories from volunteers and venturers.

Photography: Larysa

Larysa - Photography

Larysa is our Photographer who will be capturing moments of the Expedition both in photos and videos. ‘I want to experience a different way of life. I’ve always loved photography so wanted to use my skills doing it in a meaningful context’.

Upcoming Dates:

25 September – Volunteer Managers arrive

27 September – Volunteer Manager training at Basecamp

30 September – Volunteer Manager project allocations

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