Fantastic Phase One: Alpha 3 share an update from Ikaning’ombe

24th July 2017

Tackling Deforestation
The beds ready for the seedlings to be planted

The village of Ikaning’ombe is located 1800m above sea level in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania. The aim of our project is to help give the local community an alternative income to clearing land for agriculture, and cutting down the natural forest surrounding the village. Whilst we are here we are setting up a tree nursery and will be planting over 150,000 seeds in collaboration with the village. This project was organised in coalition with the Tanzanian Forest Conservation Group (TFCG). As Raleigh Tanzania venturers we are creating a bond with the village and inspiring the young and old to improve their livelihoods.

Mobilising the Community
Visiting the primary school to talk about climate change and deforestation

During our time in village, highlights have included preparing 100,000 tubes for the seedlings, as well as holding an action day to mobilise the village. At our action day we spoke on three topics: climate change, deforestation and rocket stoves (energy efficient stoves using less firewood whilst burning hot and cooking food quickly). We invited local officials and put up posters throughout the village to generate interest. The day was really successful, with over 200 attendees who listened to our presentations. There was also food and games to play, we ended the day dancing with the children of Ikaning’ombe until sunset. 

At the action day, many of the local community spoke in praise of our work in Ikaning’ombe, thanking us for being here. Our lunch mama, Fransisca, said, “Don’t forget us in Ikaning’ombe.” The Environment Committee Chairman also praised our work, saying:

“We have learnt a great deal from Raleigh Tanzania in the short time they have spent in our village, showing us love and support throughout. We hope for another project in Ikaning’ombe”.

Gaining Leadership Skills
Volunteer managers Kisare and Lewis

During phase one, everyone has had the opportunity to be day leader, running the day’s activities and keeping the team motivated and on target. Each of us has developed our leadership skills and learned so much from being able to lead the team. We also headed to the primary school on the 14th July to give talks about climate change and deforestation. The pupils were very engaged throughout, singing, clapping and very eager to answer our questions.

Working Together as a Team
The team during medical training

As well as tube cutting, we ran lots of team events in the evenings for fun. We had a ‘Come Dine with Me’ event, which involved all of us working together to cook a spaghetti bolognese. Some of us were peeling tomatoes, others preparing meat and cooking spaghetti. It was a team effort and resulted in a delicious meal. We also played a football game with the local youth team – despite half of our team being made up of the local community, the Raleigh Tanzania team still lost 0-6!

Looking Forward to Phase Two
The beautiful village of Ikaning’ombe

During phase two, the next group will continue our work, preparing the final 50,000 tubes of the 150,000 target. They will then transplant 150,000 seedlings into these tubes. Alongside that they will also continue to educate the community about deforestation and talk to local farmers about beekeeping.

Overall we have had a fantastic time in Ikaning’ombe and have learned a lot during our time here. As the Alpha 3 motto goes: ‘One Team, One Goal’ which we have achieved and surpassed!

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