My father from Lower Ripthok

3rd September 2017

All smiles, My Host Father Dal Bahadur Gurung

Dal Bahadur Gurung, is also one of the IGA (Income Generating Activity) beneficiaries that Raleigh will be supporting through goat shed improvement and business planning. He believes that goat farming has a potential future in the local market. He says,”Knowledge sharing is the key to development”.

Whenever my UK counterpart, Marco, and I sit together to plan, he stares at us continuously with great interest in our conversation. Sometimes I wonder what he is thinking, as I can see lots of hopes in his eyes. His caring nature and hospitality makes me feel as if I have got my godfather. In return, he also gets two new sons, “Suryamaan (Marco) and Garjamaan (Buddha)”. These names given by our host father are our identity now in the community.

Ploughing the field of community

The way how he cares and manages time for his family is always admirable and leaves a remarkable impression on me. It can be clearly seen that he could be tired from the work but not from family. Welcoming guests into his home and the stay of volunteers in the community has made him always blissful. He also appreciates the good environment of learning about different cultures during our stay and is glad to see volunteers in future as well.

My stay in this host home with my host father has given me new knowledge and, now, I realize that practical rural life is better in many ways than my ordinary life. Obviously, working as an ICS Team Leader in Ripthok gave me a lot of lessons for personal development and a memorable part will be always my time spent with my Buwa (god father) that I met. By treating me as his son, he has given me a sense of belonging and attachment. It makes me realize that a blood relationship is not the only one that bonds us; there is also another one, the relationship of humanity.

Buddharaj with his host family and Marco

Learning is a never-ending process and to learn about Ripthok community has been the best part of this experience for me, and has made me more positive and zealous throughout the project. I am so much thankful to Raleigh for giving me a golden opportunity to meet with nice people. Learning about the culture of this Gurung community with a rural way of living has been a key part of my incredible experience so far.


Written By: Team Leader Buddharaj

November Charlie 1

Ripthok, Gorkha



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