Final expedition phase – who’s going where?

26th November 2014

Alpha one team photo

With the second three week phase having come to an end, everyone met up in Morogoro, buzzing with their stories from their projects, treks, community involvement and of course, the fun and games they had all enjoyed.

We had a motivational speech from Mike (our Country Operations Manager), who congratulated everyone on the awesome achievements which, through hard work, determination and creativity, have already been accomplished. Then came some serious washing of clothes, catching up with friends, a hot shower and a sleep in a real bed before discovering who would be going where in the final phase of this expedition. In this blog, we find out who's in our new teams and also say a fond farewell as one of our seven week volunteer's expedition comes to a successful end.

Firstly, our volunteers going out on our adventure trek in Iringa (team Alpha one), are:

Alpha one team photo

Back row: James (PM / Medic)

Front row: Judy (PM); Jackline; Reinalt; Emma (PM); Will; Amani; Hannah; Tory; Laura; Megan; Joseph; Sam

More information about this trek can be found here Alpha one - Iringa trek

Our team going on a new trek to the Usambara Mountains near Lushoto (team Alpha two), are:

Team alpha two

Back row: Laura (PM / Medic); Olivia; Caroline (PM); Fadhila; Dixon; Theophily; Kate

Front row: Katie (PM / Medic); Alex; Georgette; Ben; Gerald; Tally (not in photo)

More information about this trek can be found here Alpha two - Usambara trek

Our group going to Gongoni to assist in our water and hygiene project (team Alpha four) are:

Team Alpha four

Back row: Hannah-Louise; Louis; Greg; Tatu; Kate; Suzanne (PM / Medic); Louise (PM); Shafi; David (PM)

Front row: Dan; Ibrahim; Ahmadi; Andrew

More information about this project can be found here Alpha four - water and hygiene

Our team heading out to Salawe on the Early Childhood Development Centre project (team Alpha five) are:

Team Alpha five

Back row: Carly (PM); Zandra (PM / Medic); Steve (PM)

Middle row: Tris; Happyness; Gemma; Njinja; Tabu

Front row: Alastair; Merte; Ruby; Laura; Milou

More information about this project can be found here Alpha five - pre-school

And finally, it was a fond farewell to Sophie, one of our seven-week volunteers, whose personal expedition has now come to an end, leaving her with lots of fabulous memories, friends from all over the world, and a massive sense of achievement knowing that she has made a positive difference to people's lives here in Tanzania.

As usual, we will be out and about (trickier than it sounds in some of these very remote places!) to see the teams during this phase and will bring you more news in about a week's time.