First community event: junk modelling competition

25th July 2016

November Charlie 1

Despite initial complications establishing a suitable time for the event due to ongoing exams, we were finally able to organise a recyclable waste junk modelling competition. This took place last Sunday at the local Shree Sharda Secondary School. The competition intended to aid our team’s integration with the local community, a vital stepping stone towards our main project work over the coming weeks.

The event attracted 48 local school children ranging from 5-14 years of age. It provided fun, competitive entertainment, alongside promoting a positive environmental message regarding the importance of clean and greener Bhalukhola. This message is one which we hope to further emphasise through our awareness session on recycling with the local youth groups to promote eco-friendly behaviour.

Children taking part in the competition
Children taking part in the competition

 In preparation for the event the volunteers began collecting and washing plastic waste found littered around the village. They formed a positive relationship with the school principal who kindly provided us venue. We also established two waste collection points in each of the two local villages and displayed advertisement posters in both Bhalu Khola and another nearby village, Dhading.

The event was a huge success. The children were divided into five groups of eight, where they were allocated 45 minutes to plan and construct their model made entirely from junk plastics. Despite all children deciding to construct houses, the initiative and attention to detail present in the designs was fantastic. Each model was unique, reflecting the attributes of traditional Nepali houses. We had an equally entertaining time assisting groups with their designs and managing the event. This culminated in the suspense and excitement of the winning team. As the name was announced by our panel of judges – the school principal, a local NGO staff member and president of the local youth group.

With group 3 taking the victory, and after receiving their prizes, all of the children and volunteers helped to clear up the rubbish, alongside doing a sweep of the school grounds. We hope that a legacy of this event will remain, with the local children continuing to be more environmentally aware.

Stay tuned for further group, event updates and project progressions from the November Charlie 1 team in Bhalu Khola.

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