Our First Week in Sau Gaon: Bonding, Bonfires and Litter Picking

21st February 2018

Shivarati, a Nepali festival, fell on our second day in community.  We celebrated in the evening with a big bonfire ad lots of dancing which was a great way to bond with our new families.
Community welcome
We kicked off our WASH activities with a community litter picking morning, where all the children and volunteers gathered at 6:30 to meet with our project partners for a village clean up. This session was very successful as we managed to fill 7 big sacks of rubbish. We also achieved our first group awareness raising activity by having a big handwashing session after the rubbish collecting with all the community children.
WASH activity with the community
Our next task involved avoiding spiders, grasshoppers and an army of ants to dig 2 pits as a designated space for rubbish to be burnt instead of allowing piles to build up across the community. To complete the new fire pits were covers, handmade by the team using only natural resources. I think we were all impressed by our bamboo weaving, even if we did need a few tips from our onlooking Ama!
Trying our hand in bamboo weaving
  Written by Sorcha November Charlie 7 Sau Gaon

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