Forming lasting friendships on Raleigh Expedition

22nd December 2016

Sushant joined the expedition a bit late due to him being ill, but when he arrived we immediately connected. We found out we had the same taste of music and shared similar interests which contributed to our bonding.

After the training phase, we were allocated to different trek groups, so we couldn’t continue getting to know each other. But there was this one time on trek when Sushant and four others visited our group and we immediately became the same as we were. As luck would have it, we were in the same group for both community phases. During that time, we spent a significant amount of time chilling together and our bond became stronger and stronger.


In phase three in Adhikari Guan, we decided to do a traditional Nepali friendship ceremony. This ceremony declares we are bonded as friends forever, always having to respect one another, and should I become a father, Sushant will be my children’s godfather. We undertook this ceremony during school hours at our local school to be an example to the children. We also wanted to demonstrate the importance of friendship and explain that friendships have no boundaries and that you can be friends for life with someone from a completely different backgrounds and cultures.

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