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From the USA to Scotland: Emily prepares for Re:Green programme

Emily, 18 from Las Vegas, Nevada will take action in the Western Highlands of Scotland as a volunteer on the Re:Green programme this summer.

Emily, 18 from Las Vegas, Nevada will take action in the Western Highlands of Scotland as a volunteer on the Re:Green programme later this year. She shares more about what she is most excited to learn when she volunteers this summer.

I decided to apply for Re:Green over other volunteering programmes simply because of its location. The Scottish woodlands establish a nature connection experience that allows youth passionate about the environment to flourish.

Forestry attracted me to the Re:Green programme. The Re:Green programme will allow me to endorse my passions within a supportive environment with others of the same age group. Promoting the significance of community and engagement, Re:Green connects people in the world around them. Our world is a gift, and we must become stewards and protect what has been given to us.

I am most looking forward to replenishing the Scottish woodlands. Forests are vital for the wellbeing of the earth. Ancient trees are naturally in Scotland and without the need for human assistance; however, due to our damaging impact on the world, this fragile ecosystem requires essential nurturance from those willing to learn and care for it. Youth will have the courage to help. Being a part of that youth group is what I am most looking forward to.

Re:Green allows you to connect with people across the globe, given it is an international programme, welcoming all within the applicable age group. It will enable youth to be a vital component of the change needed in the world while setting a foundation to unite and rise through encouragement and advocacy.

Ultimately, our earth does not need saving; the planet was perfectly capable of thriving without us. However, we cannot thrive without our world. We are fighting to save ourselves; all we need to do for our planet is respect it and the courage to revolutionize the system. Re:Green is a source to utilize.

Conservation in action on Re:Green

Movements change the world. Youth have the motivation to change the world around them; the only thing missing is encouragement and advocacy to help us get there. The more youth are united, the more notable change will be. Working together is what the Re:Green programme will provide.


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