Gardens and Bridges

7th August 2017

To build a stronger team bond, we arrange a day off every week to spend time with each other. Matt and half the team went to Gorkha for the day. After that the team enjoyed wandering around Gorkha Bazaar. Having just been in Gorkha for Phase Review, we know the place like the back of our hands at this stage. The rest of the team stayed home but that doesn’t mean they had nothing to do! They took the morning off but decided to go a hike in the afternoon. They went to the nearby village of Bungurghat, where they found a huge suspension bridge and even saw some monkeys on the walk there!

Happy Team on the bridge

We also finished our 2nd plastic pond and started our 2nd poly tunnel with the help of our community. Chopping the bamboos for the poly tunnel has been one of our most memorable moments here. We learnt to escape the tangled bamboos and watched as the villagers climbed them like monkeys. Being able to work with an experienced farmer was a great learning opportunity for the volunteers.


Written By Pujan

November Charlie 3

Patpati, Gorkha

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