Decked up in Colours! G for GORKHA!

8th October 2017

The induction training for the Gorkha Team started from the 3rd of October, when the UK Volunteers arrived in the Tribhuwan International  Airport (TIA), Kathmandu. They were welcomed by one of our Deputy Operations Manager Elisa, Medic/Photographer Matt and few of the Team Leaders. Curious, a bit anxious and mostly jet lagged they made their way to the Agriculture Development Bank’s training center here in Bode, Bhaktapur. After an evening of get to know each other and sleeping the jet lag away, the next day was a ‘Recovery day’. They made their way to Patan, where they visited the Patan Durbar Square, which is one of the ancient palace area of Kathmandu; also a world Heritage Site!
Some Rest and Recreation was all that was needed for them to get ready to meet their Nepali counterparts, who made their way to the training grounds on the 5th of September. After many sessions on development, culture and programmes and a competitive Raleigh Olympics, we have allocated them into four teams who will be working on Water and Sanitation Health (WASH) in four different communities in Gorkha.

TL Ben marks Chris as Team Yellow!

Raleigh has it’s own way of conducting Team Allocations.
The team leaders choose their favourite colours to mark their volunteers. Then the volunteers are smeared with the colours representing their team, while they have their eyes closed! After which, they have to find people with the same colours on their foreheads.They also have to find where their Team Leaders are hiding between the buildings!
Trust us when we say, patience is a virtue in this one!


November Charlie 1

Community: Hukkaban

Back: Will, Estelle and Chris Middle Row: Ninu, Lydia, Milan and Chitra Front Row: Team Leader Shauna, Abby, Yalina, Ellie-Marie and Team Leader Sanjeev



November Charlie 2

Community: Dhuseni

Back Row: Team Leader Ben, Megan, Sanjita, Ankit Sam, Milan P, Bradley and Lewis Front Row: Hazel, Team Leader Shreya, Kripa, Karishma, Luke, Eliorah and Team Leader Sarah B



November Charlie 3

Community: Baldada

From Left: Team Leader Bradley, Belle, Beau, Lorraine, Louis, Mahesh, Bishad, Team Leader Utsav, Ranjita, Tom, Wajiha and Dinesh



November Charlie 4

Community: Shikarjung

Back Row: Travis, Josh, David, Anish, Mystique and Natalie Front Row: Emma, Pampha, Nanuka, Fiona and Team Leaders Sarah P and Biswo


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What’s Next?

7th October: Group 2 UKVs arrive in Kathmandu

8th October: Group 1 Deploys to Gorkha

9th October: Groups 2 ICVs arrive and Induction begins

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Youth In Civil Society Nepal