Happy Hand Washing

4th June 2014

After his ICS placement in Nicaragua, Adam returned to Latin America to volunteer as a teaching assistant at a charity run school in Jocotenango, Guatemala. Whilst there he used the skills he learnt on Raleigh ICS to deliver a hand washing and sanitation class to the children to raise awareness of good hygiene practices.

The school Adam volunteered in, Escuela Proyecto La Esperanza, works in partnership with disadvantaged families, children and young people from Jocotenango to ensure they develop the tools they need to break free from the cycle of poverty by providing food, healthcare, counselling and career guidance.

Whilst volunteering at the school Adam saw the opportunity to deliver a meaningful Action at Home, and ran a session on the importance of hand washing and good sanitation. He explained how bacteria and viruses can affect health, and how following simple, safe routines can reduce their spread.


“I noticed whilst working in the school that whilst many of the children were being given this wonderful opportunity to pursue an education, many of them still lacked basic hygiene skills. I choose this action because I know that in these conditions a little awareness-raising on such a topic could potentially make a huge difference.

“I demonstrated the correct procedure for washing hands, which I learnt with Raleigh in Nicaragua.

“The children seemed enthused and motivated by the session. I encouraged them to inform their friends of the importance of washing hands as well, so I hope the impact will not only be beneficial to the 25 children in the room, but will also plant seeds for wider awareness raising.”

The response to the session was very positive, with the children all agreeing to practice hand washing in future and to encourage others to do so too.

Have you also used the skills you learnt with Raleigh to continue raising awareness? We'd love to hear about it - get in touch through alumni@raleighinternational.org .