Host country venturers arrive!

24th June 2014

IMG 6101

There has been a definite buzz of excitement surrounding fieldbase as expedition 14E&F officially begins!  Yesterday morning we greeted our Host Country Venturers (HCV’s) to Raleigh fieldbase; 15 local venturers from both mainland Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo.   

IMG 6101

The success of Raleigh relies on individuals from all walks of life, both local volunteers as well as those who have come from overseas, working together in partnership to create a sustainable future.  By working with volunteers locally, Raleigh is able to make a positive impact on the next generation and ensures that the skills gained from the expedition are retained for future developmental work.

Our HCV’s also provide a huge amount of local knowledge which is integral to the success of our projects, helping to bridge the cultural gap between overseas volunteers and the communities we work in.  It provides an opportunity for all volunteers to learn first-hand about different outlooks, languages, beliefs and backgrounds in an environment which is both challenging and inspiring.

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Yesterday afternoon the HCV’s departed fieldbase for a swim assessment before making their way to basecamp to spend the night.  Today we will be joined by 109 overseas venturers arriving from 13 different countries.  It will be a busy and exciting few days and we are all eagerly anticipating their arrival!   

BOR 14E TP FB HCVSwimAssess11

Stay tuned for the next update coming to you from the edge of the Bornean jungle.

Victoria Riley

Communications Officer