Who are our Host Country Venturers?

17th October 2016


We believe that anyone who volunteers for Raleigh should work to ensure a positive impact not only on their projects but towards everyone in their team. Our new host country volunteers are here to do just that!

So without further ado let’s meet the HCVs!


From left to right : Aerron, Kristie, Ivy (National Volunteer Coordinator), Ying, Akiu, Ruzaidi & JJ. Back : Welbon

Aerron is 21 years old and is from Keningau.  Before coming on Raleigh he worked with an organization that promotes volunteerism and community involvement.  Aerron hopes that his experience on Raleigh will help him to develop more personally.  He thinks that in order to achieve this, he will have to push himself to his limits.

Last expedition Raleigh  helped build a rural electrical workshop in Kampung Sungai Magandai this is where we met Welbon and Ruzaidi, who are now volunteering with us on expedition 16M. Before expedition Welbon was an assistant teacher for the local primary school and Ruzaidi had just finished studying at high school.  Both Welbon and Ruzaidi see joining this expedition as an opportunity to work with more people in other villages like theirs. They believe that it will also help them to develop their character and confidence.

Akiu is 21 years old and from mainland Malaysia who has volunteered with other organizations before. Knowing that Raleigh is a different platform of volunteerism, Akiu is determined to go for something that’s more out of his comfort zone.

“I want to do something different for a change in my life with a hope that it can be a beneficial for my future as well as helping my family.”

Ying and JJ are both from Kuala Lumpur. Ying just finished her university studies in Banking and Finance and wanted to try something new, expedition seemed like the perfect opportunity.  JJ is using this opportunity to take a short break from university.

Finally we meet Kristie.  Kristie is 24 years old and lives only a short journey away from Raleigh Borneo’s Fieldbase.  Kristie has taken a break from her job in order to join this Raleigh Expedition.   She hopes that she will have a life changing experience as well as the opportunity to boost her confidence.


We will catch up with our HCVs and what they’ve been up to on their phases in a few weeks time!

Remember you can contact anyone on 16M expedition here

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