How is Raleigh like Speed Dating?

11th April 2016

Sophie and Henny, who were in Imbak Canyon as part of a Natural Resources Management project in Alpha 4 for their Phase 2, have shared their reflections about their time on project for this blog:

Venturer – Sophie
Venturer – Henny











“Being assigned to Alpha groups for the expedition allows us to bond very quickly and witness first-hand connections and relationships develop.

Our group member Isaac said “there was some social anxiety being formed to live together, but it’s good for you to be nervous. Fergus another venturer from our group said that his main concern was that he was “used to his way of life and didn’t usually step out of his comfort zone”

Overall the main thought of the group was that a few nerves are completely normal and to remember that everyone is in the same boat. After being assigned to and meeting our project groups the inevitable awkwardness subsided and everyone was friendly and created a uniquely bonded group. We all found that our nerves passed pretty quickly.

Sharing meals with others for 19 days while on project site is akin to repeated speed dating with friendships forming faster and relationships being stronger. As well as the social aspects, the hard physical work that Raleigh project requires can take its toll. You see people at the highest as well as some low points, but this helps to bring everyone closer together.

Team work, having strong bonds and sticking together are fundamental for achieving the aims of the projects. Ollie from our team said that “to achieve goals, the team needs to work effectively and importantly if a team are happy, they are more likely to work hard to get results.”

Project group on phase
Project group on phase

Not only do venturers achieve an outcome for the communities and environments they are working in but each individual takes away something too.

Michelle from our group said that “Raleigh has given her the opportunity to make a difference and it is such a fantastic opportunity”. Fergus said ‘he felt he would be more confident to participate in similar things in the future as a result of Raleigh’.

The time you are here passes so quickly that it is important to reflect on each moment. Every single venturer will undoubtedly feel different in some way or another, whether it be with their confidence growing or having more self-insight.

Group at work in Imbak
Group at work in Imbak

Despite some initial worries about meeting new people, there are so many benefits of Raleigh and being part of a group. If we could give just one piece of insight it would be that being part of Raleigh group provides a wonderful platform for personal development.”

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Looking Ahead

14th April – Alpha 1 and 2 visits
19th April- Venturers leave project sites

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