“However small, we all have to do something”

29th September 2016

“It all started 7,000 miles away from home, at a Raleigh team meeting in the rural Tanzanian village of Ndapo. My Team Leaders brought out the laptop and showed us a video which filled me with inspiration.  It was a video that said to me, ‘however small, we have all got to do something’.

Small. All. Something. In Tanzania, my team and I worked with community members in Ndapo, young and old, to wash their hands with soap. This may sound like a simple thing to those in the UK, and it doesn’t seem all that important because we take things like soap and water for granted. But in a country where water is scarce and soap is expensive, handwashing workshops could prevent a child from taking a week off sick from school or a father away from the farm for a day. For an infant, it could be the difference between life and death.

We don’t have to be billionaires and donate millions to charitable causes, we just have to do our bit. However small, we have all got to do something.

That’s why, when I got home, I started a blog. The Global Girl is about working through each of the United Nations’ 17 Global Goals, post by post, and experimenting and demonstrating ways in which busy, social, working people can do their bit for the world one step at a time.

Sarah’s ICS team raised awareness about the Global Goals in Ndapo, Tanzania

My blog has been a journey for me. There’s been quite a bit of trial and error. I’ve given talks, signed petitions, lobbied politicians, composted (or at least tried!), done rubbish-picking, researched causes, donated and been on my hands and knees feeding dying bees.

My aim is to amuse, educate and inspire. If I do one of these things for each of my readers, then I count that as a success. I have heard from a fellow Raleigh alumnus that my blog about Global Goal number 15, Life on Land, inspired her to create her own Fill-a-Bag project, a social media litter picking mission. I would love to hear from others, Raleigh alumni or otherwise, who have been inspired by my blog posts to start their own changes in the world. It is perhaps small, but my hope is that I can inspire individuals to do something small for our big, endangered world.”

Read The Global Girl Blog.  Have you done something to inspire others to be active citizens?  We would love to hear about it! Get in touch at Alumni@RaleighInternational.org 

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