ICSE Teams arrive in their villages!

21st February 2015

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The ICSE teams have now reached their villages and have begun their work in the communities.


The time has come for the volunteers and team-leaders to put all their training and learning to the test as they begin their work with the young entrepreneurs of three rural communities here in Mbeya. They have spent many days preparing and being trained on various skills important to ensure success on the project. As well as practical skills, the ICSE volunteers also spent two days learning all about entrepreneurship and business, and it is now their task to pass on this knowledge to the young entrepreneurs in their villages and support them on their challenging journey starting up their own businesses.

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They will not be alone, however. Working alongside Raleigh’s volunteer teams in the communities will be the East Africa Dairy Development (EADD).  EADD is a consortium of organisations, such as Heifer International and Technoserve, focusing on achieving development through improving efficiency and access to the dairy industry for young people in East Africa. They will be working closely with the teams offering support and guidance throughout and they will also offer technical training to some of the entrepreneurs who want to specialise in a particular field or sector.

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Upon arrival to Mbeya the volunteers were welcomed by the partners and given a presentation on this project and some of the other work that they are involved in. It was a very interesting presentation and the teams were further motivated in the knowledge that their partners are dedicated and committed to social change and will be there to support at every step of the journey.

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The next blog post will be from the teams themselves as they introduce their communities and their young entrepreneurs.