Commitment in the Community

18th March 2014


Inspired by his Raleigh ICS programme, In-Country Volunteer (ICV) Shreeshail has used his Action at Home to take a leading role in promoting awareness of health and sanitation in the rural village of Hadya, India.

A Masters student studying Social Work, Shreeshail is passionate about the development and well-being of young people. His ICS project in Hadya focused on health and sanitation and throughout it he emphasised the importance of educating the children in the village about good hygiene practices, both for their own benefit and to influence the behaviour of adults in the community.

Motivated by seeing the benefits of his team’s work within the village, Shreeshail’s commitment to improving access to health and sanitation in Hadya continued after the end of his placement.

For his Action at Home he has returned to the village on several occasions, making the 350 mile journey from his hometown to continue promoting good health and sanitation practices within the community.

Along with a fellow Raleigh team member he has run further health awareness classes for the school children, ensuring the continuation of their education on these issues and the reinforcement of good habits.


On his visits to Hadya, Shreeshail has also assessed the impact of his team’s work and says he has been very pleased to find that it has led to improvements in the all-round health of the community. The information given in health and sanitation awareness classes had been widely observed and led to a positive change in hygiene habits, and the twenty pit toilets that his team constructed for local residents are being used and properly maintained. He was also pleased to announce that the school toilets that his team fixed - and the taps they built for hand washing - were also being used properly, thanks to the school toilet monitoring committee they set up.

Shreeshail is now completing his Masters and hopes to become a primary school teacher after his graduation – a job where he will be able to utilise the skills he gained on ICS!

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