India Romeo 3 Pudukkadu

28th February 2014

14N IR3 Village meeting photo

Having settled into the village, one of the first objectives of Raleigh was working out the needs of the community. By talking to the villagers through a village level participatory rural appraisal, otherwise known as PRA, we worked out what they wanted. Aside from finding out what the primary needs were, we were also able to establish more personal projects that would help to leave a strong impact once we have left.

PRA, combined with singing, dancing and an abundance of chai tea, has helped us to develop an emotional bond with the community. In light of world social justice day, which will be celebrated internationally on the 20th of February, it seems particularly appropriate that we brought the whole village together through the social mapping aspect of PRA, where all the villagers came together to draw out the village from their own perspective. This photo shows us as a team, getting to know the local community.

14N IR3 Village meeting photo

Having come together in such a close way in just two weeks all of our future interactions will be made easier as India Romeo 3 has been fully welcomed into Pudukkadu. Watch this space for further developments.