India Romeo 3 update

5th August 2013

Good morning to the world! We are half way through the programme and we are now getting into the full swing of phase 2.

After completing all the necessary research in our village and creating detailed reports for our project partners MYRADA we have been cracking on with more tangible work. For this phase we have planned vetinary camps in three villages where we hope to engage 300 farmers with around 800 animals. We are also going to get the farmers to complete a survey so that Raleigh can evidence base their future research, aims and developments for future vetinary camps.


We have realised the importance of meticulous planning, completing and following up all projects to ensure that they are sustainable. We have been working hard with the local government to agree drain developments, bin construction and collection as well as tree plantations in the local school. For example, we have spent time clearing the tonnes of rubbish in the village to raise awareness of the importance of cleanliness before we install the rubbish bins. We have enjoyed working with headmasters in three close schools we have planned many activities including English, awareness and sanitation lessons. As well as this we have created a tribal SHG group as well as a farmers group and we are now planning our second meeting with both. We hope this gives you an insight into some of the work we have been doing. Everyone sends their love and while we are enjoying life here we are also looking forward to seeing people back home, in India and the UK. Over and out, India Romio 3.