India Yankee 7 – Puradakatte Hadi Community Integration

31st October 2014


We arrived at Puradakatte hadi on 13th October from the field base in Mysore. Before leaving field base we were all allocated a team for the duration of the placement. Our team is India Yankee 7 and the team is made up of: Roshma, Rosaleen, Ashok, Nomvula, Zoltan, Chetan, Hannah and Gary.

On arrival we were given a tour of the village, which was relatively short since there are only 24 families in the village. The villagers were very welcoming and there was singing and dancing with the village leader under the big Banyan tree. Afterwards we were brought back to our house which was decorated with mango tree leaves. It was relatively easy setting up our house as there was already a long drop and shower area present.



Within the first week of arrival we arranged a sports day for the village. It was a very successful day with both the adults and the children turning, even the village leader made an appearance. The sports day involved a short obstacle course, bowling, cricket, mysore game and musical sticks. The boys, in particular, loved the cricket game and could have kept playing for the rest of the day. The younger kids and the girls took part in musical sticks and had a great time. Overall it was a fun day and a great way to get to know the villagers. 




Dewali (festival of light) was held on the 23rd and 24th October in the village. Our neighbours lit 101 lights on both nights, painted rangoli drawings outside their house, painted their cows and set off LOADS of fireworks. Overall it was an interesting, loud and colourful two days of cultural interaction.




Over the last week we formed a total of 6 committees and have completed almost all our Action Research PRA. All of the completed PRA (Venn Diagram, Social Mapping, Transit Walk, Timeline) were a success. The Youth Participation committee have visited 3 schools thus far. At each visit they delivered a presentation about ICS, raised awareness about hand washing through an interactive song in the local language. They have planned weekly visits to teach English, engage with the students and be part of extra curricula activities.



We are all collectively enjoying our time in the village and we are looking forward to learning more.

Yankee 7


P.S The kids LOOOOVE us, in fact they cannot get enough of us.