India Yankee 8 Sonnahally A Haadi – Week 2

31st October 2014


Another week down in Sonnahli Haddi and the tempo is still upbeat. The week started on a pretty colorful note during our attempt to get the village to help draw a map. The pace was steady but it was clear that the children were losing interest, until our resident rabble rouser started something that spread like wildfire. Powder fights were in full effect as the kids began covering each other in powder, inevitably before covering us with every color we had mustered. A truly fun day was had by all and thanks to a good number of photographs, the moment will not be forgotten.






The week then began to drain on us all ;) (Awkward silence achieved). On the first day clearing the main drain, it was difficult to get the villagers involved in the activity. Patience was tried at times but thankfully on Thursday, we were pleasantly surprised at the amount of assistance we received. The residents of Sonnahli Haddi began clearing the drains themselves and after around 40 minutes, the worst of the blockage had subsided. Another crucial moment in our integration with the village was setting up the volleyball net on the sports field that the villagers helped us create. Since then games have been going on there between all ages, leaving the area at the front of the school for other games such as Frisbee and drawing. We have also used the volleyball as a reward and privilege, to help encourage the youngsters to pick up their litter and get involved in the activities we do for the management of the village. On Wednesday, we made the most of our much deserved day off by heading to the nearest dam.


Once we arrived, we met up with Yankee 9 who live not far from us and with them helped celebrate one of their own usher in another birthday. The days highlight came in the form of freshly caught fish and our group’s first injection of meat for a WHILE. As one can imagine we were all pretty content on our relaxing coach home. Finally, on Wednesday night, we were lucky enough to be invited to a girl’s coming of age party. The party involved a fair bit of food, a fair bit of dancing and a fair bit of colored powder; Yankee 8 were well and truly in their element.