India Yankee 9 Community Integration Hirehally ‘A’ Hadi – Week 2

31st October 2014


Thursday 23rd October

On the first day of Diwali we visited the traditional village temple villagers were waiting for us and welcomed us. We all sat outside the temple and the priest did a Puja (worship – a ringing of a bell through prayer).

Holy water was offered and people gave donations. The temple had upbeat vibe. The villagers were either going in for prayer or joining together for a Dance. Lord dooms were played and men danced in their ‘Lungi’s’. We had Holy paint put into our foreheads.


Soon after, we were given large banana leaves which we were served food on.  This consisted of a coconut and banana sweet and an orange rice (sweet pungle ) like sweet, and also bananas after we had eaten we went into the temple and prayed to God.

Friday 24th October

On the second day of Diwali we prepared for our celebration of Diwali. We collected wood for a bonfire and prepared a bonfire with a circle of bricks were painted with the holy powder. Holy powder was then used to decoration the external of the community centre, along with other colorful decorations and candle. We also set up a decoration area in the community centre where we prayed and all took park in a Hindu ceremony which was conducted by Ravi joshi. This involved holy paint, candles, incense sticks, flowers and an image of an Indian god. We did prayers for different things to different gods. After this, we managed to borrow some speaker which we put Indian /British music on while joining community member in dancing around the bonfire with sparkles.