India Yankee 9 – Hirehally ‘A’ Hadi

18th November 2014

Toilet building

On the 28th Raleigh hired a stone mason to help cover the cesspit behind the local school.

Raleigh bought two large stones and cement for the project. Volunteers (Yankee 9 and the stone mason/ a local villager) began work behind the school. They cover the cesspit with the large atone slabs, rocks and cement and then fitted new laps into the school toilets.

Woman creative night

Today all the girls were prepping for tonight’s women’s creative night. It is of nail painting, friendship bracelet making followed by a discussion of issues that had affected the women in the village. Members of the Peer Education and SHG (Stephanie and Amita) along with other members of Yankee 9 and our village volunteer, Geetha walked around the village to gather women to come to the women’s meeting. It all changed when the women began to turn up in masses. The local women brought their friends and children along with them; once settled into the community hall, Geetha translated a greeting to all the women who then proceeded to applaud.

We soon got stuck into some nail painting and bracelet making. Later we had a short discussion with women about topics they would like to discuss over the next coming weeks. We discussed about domestic violence and alcoholism and how these issues have effect in village. The night was a success with a turnout of 28 women in total.

Man’s meeting

In this first Men’s meeting, there were 21 men attended. We told the group that we were planning a weekly men’s meeting where we would discuss about different issues. We discussed the importance of using a toilet and discussed building toilets in the village. Everyone were really enthusiastic and responsive. Although a lot of the village had insufficient funds and no bank card, we said that we can try our best to meet with a bank manger and help organise some loans and setting up bank accounts, we also mentioned that several toilets are already under construction. The men also wanted to bring up alcoholism issue and child marriage discussions in further meetings which was promising.