An inspirational figure – Krishna Siddhi Tamang

25th August 2016

From an early age Krishna struggled in achieving an education, an area largely taken for granted in the UK and in cities of Nepal. Education was highly restricted for the general population under the Rana regime. His father organised for him to be educated with seven others in a secluded area of the jungle. If it was to be discovered that Krishna was being secretly educated the consequences would have been severe. Fortunately, this restrictive regime failed two years later and education was made available to all. Krishna then showed his intellect by completing his education to a highly respectable level.

From here he moved through various positions in the development sector in his native ward and Aambhanjyang – where Simaltar is located. In 1985 he settled into the health profession, initially in a temporary role before another political change resulted in him losing this position.

Krishna taking lead at social and resource mapping
Krishna taking lead at social and resource mapping

With health problems significantly increasing he was reinstated on a permanent basis. After 17 years of significant contributions to the local community he retired and has since ran a pharmacy out of his home. This wealth of experience has been of great use to our volunteers. The highly successful First Aid day, ran by Jodie, our volunteer was greatly aided by his knowledge of local ailments and health problems. We also learnt there have been many cases of typhoid in the village. We are hopeful that the new water source construction will improve the health status in Simaltar.

blog_NepalICS_Volunteers Rupak, George nad Alan with Krishna
Volunteers Rupak, George and Alan with Krishna

Krishna is extremely appreciative of the programme Raleigh are undertaking to change the water source and hopes that in the future a well maintained water system will increase the volume of water available to all households in the village. Krishna also explained that the team has exceeded expectations and he will welcome upcoming cycles with open arms.

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