International Women's Day – Inspiring Women

8th March 2014

Empowerment for women in Tanzania is being taken seriously and is one of the priorities of the United Republic of Tanzania (URT).  Gender equality is included in their policies and strategies and in recent years Tanzania has seen visible changes, for example Tanzania is on track for achieving universal enrolment in basic education by 2015.

International Women’s Day has sparked off some conversations amongst fieldbase staff about women who have inspired us…

Jane Tomlinson

Jane was 36 when she was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. She spent her next seven years completing incredible challenges to raise money to help others through Jane Tomlinson Appeal, capturing the attention of the world through her achievements as she outlived her initial six month prognosis.

“She inspired me to run the 10k to raise money for a scanner for my local hospital.  I admire her determination and the way she kept going, despite her illness.” Liz

Jane Tomlinson Appeal

Diana Nyad

Against all adversity, on her fifth attempt, Diana successfully became the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage.  Everyone said she couldn’t do it.  Her mantra was ‘find a way’.

"Diana has shown strength, determination and courage to achieve something that at first seemed impossible.  I think that we can all learn something from her story and I have certainly felt motivated to strive for more after hearing her talk." Carolyn

Diana's TED talk 'Never, ever give up'

Katie Alcott

After contracting dysentery from drinking dirty water whilst in India, Katie returned to the UK feeling passionate about taking action to help developing countries access clean water. 

In 2005 she founded FRANK Water, selling ethically branded bottled water in the UK to fund innovative and sustainable clean water projects in developing countries.

“There are many times we see things in the world that we want to change but don’t do anything about.  Katie’s story inspires me to take action.” Hazel

Frank Water

Claire Bertschinger

Claire has worked extensively in developing countries with the ICRC (International Committee for the Red Cross) as a nurse.  She now runs the Diploma in Tropical Nursing at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.  She teaches passionately about the sustainability of providing healthcare in developing countries.

“Claire has inspired me to use my nursing degree to work in developing countries and to learn more about sustainable development.” Cat

Claire Bertshinger