Introducing the 17S Raleigh ICS Deputy Operation Managers (DOMs)

24th February 2017

Introducing… our ICS Livelihood DOMs Laurence, Lisa and Kate

Livelihood DOMs Katie, Laurence and Lisa
Livelihood DOMs Kate, Laurence and Lisa (left to right)

The ICS Livelihood programmes are focused on running local entrepreneur programmes. The teams will work with young people across many villages in rural Tanzania offering them business skills training, access to support networks and seed capital.

Laurence has been with Raleigh Tanzania since September 2015 and has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience during this time. He started as a volunteer and has now worked as a Team Leader, Logistics Coordinator, Administration Support and previously as a DOM. After talking with Laurence, it was clear that his motivations for joining Raleigh have changed over the past 18 months.

“I first came to Raleigh to develop myself both professionally and personally. Having now gained a lot of knowledge and experienced the many challenges facing villages in rural Tanzania, I see myself as an agent of change. My journey with Raleigh is now not just about me but it’s about thinking of others.”

Lisa joined Raleigh in January last year and spent one cycle as a Livelihoods Team Leader and then returned for a second as a Livelihoods DOM, so she has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area. After leaving University she wanted to gain more experience through volunteering and working with communities and was first introduced to Raleigh through another organisation that she was volunteering with.

“For me, Raleigh focuses on the areas I am interested in; working with communities and developing young entrepreneurs. It is nice to be back with the team and going into my second-year volunteering with Raleigh. I am very excited for this cycle and to see the results of the entrepreneur programme.”

Kate first volunteered with Raleigh ICS last year as a Team Leader for a Livelihoods project. During the 3 months she spent living in the village and looking after the team she gained valuable experience around how to keep a team motivated and how to problem solve as and when issues arose. Personally, it was a big confidence booster for Kate and helped with her knowledge of Swahili, which has led her back for a second cycle.

“I am so pleased to be back to be able to apply everything I learnt last cycle at an operational level. It is also exciting to be back with the team and I am looking forward to working with them to develop the programme for 2017 to ensure it runs efficiently.”

Introducing… our WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) DOMs Peter and Sam

ICS WASH DOMs Peter and Sam
ICS WASH DOMs Peter and Sam (left to right)

During this cycle the WASH team will focus on projects across 5 villages in Dodoma and Morogoro. The programme aims to empower communities to adopt positive health and hygiene practices, as well as increasing the use and maintenance of new and improved water and sanitation systems.

Peter’s experience with Raleigh started last year as a volunteer on a WASH programme in February, he then became a Volunteer Manager for the Raleigh Expedition in June before finishing off the year as a Livelihoods Team Leader for ICS. During this time, he gathered lots of knowledge about the different programmes and how to lead and develop a team as well as growing his own skills and confidence.

“I am passionate about community development, which is what brought me to Raleigh. I have enjoyed volunteering for the past year and I have learnt so much. I am excited to meet and work with people from different backgrounds, to be able to share ideas to learn even more and develop some new skills.”

Sam joined Raleigh ICS for the first-time last year and spent some time as a Livelihoods Team Leader before moving over to become a DOM for WASH. During this time, he gained a great deal of knowledge and experience in all areas. He also began working on ways that the programmes could be improved so he is excited to be back to help see this through and implement the updates.

“It is really nice to be back so I can consolidate my learning from last year and apply it this cycle. I really enjoy seeing the projects develop and the impact we have in the villages. The experience of working with Raleigh in a cross-cultural, fast paced and challenging environment has and will develop and improve my skills.”

What’s next?

2nd March – Arrival of all Team Leaders and Medics and training begins

7th March – Project allocations will be announced

8th – 15th March – Project Planning Visits (PPVs) will take place

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