Introducing our amazing 16U Team Leaders

24th June 2016

On Saturday morning they were allocated into their 7 November Charlie Teams, and they were all really happy to be given their project allocations and to find out who their Team Leader counterparts would be. They will be working with their Team Leader counterparts for the next 10 weeks, so they didn’t waste any time in getting to know one another with team building and group bonding activities.

On Thursday they went on their first trip together, which was a Project Planning Visit to their respective villages, where they met their host families and key community members for the first time, whilst also organising project logistics and working on Project and Host Home Risk Assessments ready for the volunteers’ arrival.

Training and living together with the Team Leaders has given us all the opportunity to learn more about each other and to appreciate all of the individual passions and unique qualities, which the Team Leaders will be bringing to their projects. So, without further ado, lets introduce our amazing 16U Team Leaders who have all come from various different parts of the UK and Nepal, and from all walks of life; from theater artists to engineers, solicitors to programme development managers, bankers to nurses, all with a shared passion to join Raleigh Nepal.

November Charlie 1
Village: – Aambhanjyang, Bhalukhola
Project: – Livelihood
Team Leaders: – Ashma and Claire

Claire and Ashma
                           Claire and Ashma

Claire is from Scotland where she used to work  as a solicitor for a local authority.

She wants to challenge herself and to work with  young people to make a difference through  volunteering as an Active Global Citizen. She  expects to be a part of team which can create  change and improve lives and livelihoods in  Nepal, which she has always dreamt of doing.

“I am probably a bit more mature than  the usual Team Leader. As I have three  grown up children, one of whom has  volunteered with Raleigh herself.”

Ashma describes herself as a learner and risk taker with experience in finance, administration and accounting. She used to work for bank and also has engineering experience from working in a construction company before joining Raleigh. She wants to explore a different side to her career and would rather prefer to contribute her time and efforts to developing communities.

“I am also here for my personal and professional development and I am sure this program will help me to meet my expectations.”

November Charlie 2
Village: – Aambhanjyang, Bagdali
Project: – Livelihood
Team Leaders: –  Sushant and Cat

Sushant and Cat
                       Sushant and Cat

Cat is from the North West of England where she works for a youth organisation called Sea Cadets and also volunteered with girls aged 10-15 for Girl Guiding UK as a leader. She is particularly interested in working with young people and giving them opportunities to be the best they can be.

“I believe, I will learn a lot from Nepali Culture. I can’t wait to meet my Nepali family and volunteers, and I think Sushant and I will make a great team.”

Sushant recently graduated and has worked as a senior program manager at Sastodeal, an e-commerce website. He loves challenges and is taking new steps in his life to working as a volunteer with Raleigh. He has a strong belief that this change will help him to be a better person and do something good for the society.

“I want to be a good leader and to be an inspiration to others by doing something good for the society and people.”

November Charlie 3
Village: – Nibuwatar, Ichung
Project: – Water, Sanitation and Health (WASH)
Team Leaders:  Shama and Tash

Shama and Tash
                          Shama and Tash

Tash recently graduated with a degree in engineering and has spent been working as a manufacturing manager in Bristol. She has previously volunteered in Ecuador and Cambodia. As a passionate person to contribute positively in a community, she is here in Nepal to learn about Nepali communities and challenge herself.

“Because of the opportunity to lead a project in rural location of Nepal and I have also always wanted to visit Nepal, which is so far magical as I had hoped!”

Shama is a registered nurse and has been working in public health since 2010. She has a profound knowledge on various subjects, including sexual reproductive health, nutrition, maternal and child health. She strongly believes that together we can bring change, especially through youth oriented programs like ICS.

“ICS has a different perspective of volunteering and new style of engaging young people like us.”

November Charlie 4
Village: – Nibuwatar, Nibuwatar
Project: – Water, Sanitaiton and Health (WASH)
Team Leaders: Santoshi and Aimee

Santoshi and Amiee
     Santoshi and Aimee

 Aimee is from Wales and lives in London. She works as a programme development manager at the Royal college of Physicians back in the UK. She is a person with a real desire to work in a team and to work with communities for positive change here in Nepal, especially after earthquake.

“I was always fascinated by Nepal through reading about Himalayan adventures and finally I am here”

Santoshi, 23 competed her bachelor’s degree in Public Health. She was also one of our ICS volunteers from the last cycle and has continued on as a Team Leader. Volunteering is the thing she is most passionate about. In addition to that she is an explorer and loves finding out more about herself and the communities we work in.

Being a leaner I expect to learn professional skills from my fellow Team Leaders and volunteers, like I did last cycle with November Charlie 2.”

November Charlie 5
Village: – Namtar, Basuki
Project: – Livelihoods
Team Leaders: – Kaustuv and Serena

Sarena and Kaustuv
                           Serena and Kaustuv

Serena has a background in performing arts. Before coming here she was managing a front of house team in a theater. She has previously done ICS with different consortium member and wants to gain more skills as a Team Leader now.

“I did some research and Raleigh was involved in projects areas that I was interested in and I also heard amazing things about Nepal. Double win!”

Kaustuv is originally from Kathmandu and completed his degree in Water science from the Australian National University. He has great interest in water supply, sanitation and hygiene. Like other team leaders he also wants to enhance his personal, professional and leadership skills.

“I want to make memories together-have lots of fun whilst working with the community.”

November Charlie 6
Village: – Namtar, Aghore
Team Leaders: – Saurav and James

James and Saurav
                               James and Saurav

James is a structural engineer back in UK. He loves meeting new people from different backgrounds and cultures and learning from other people. He looks forward to creating sustainable positive change in rural communities of Nepal.

“Living in Cambridge, I always wanted to expand my horizons and when I return back from Raleigh Nepal I will be encouraging others too!

Saurav is originally from Saptari district and lives here in Kathmandu. He is also a recent graduate with a keen interest in improving sustainable livelihoods and has worked as an intern at Everest Bank and Animal Welfare Nepal. He is keen to share his passion for sustainable development with people and wants to work on income generating initiatives in the future.

“I want to see positive impacts in the village that I will be working with and do as much as I can in these three months.”

November Charlie 7
Village: – Aambhanjyang, Simaltar
Project: – Water, Sanitation and Health (WASH)
Team Leaders: Samir and Michaela

Samir and Michaela
                      Samir and Michaela

Michaela completed her MA in Land Economy from Cambridge University. She wants to make a positive impact in the community, and she plans to immerse herself in the culture and learn as much from the community as she can.

“I combined my love of international development, dissertation in water provision and ability to give back to community.”

Samir is currently perusing a masters   degree in Economics and previously worked as an intern for the Snow Yak Foundation. He wants to explore his own capacity, adopting and tackling new environments and thinks Raleigh Nepal is a great platform which provides opportunities for young people to explore more. 

“I am excited to spend my three months in Makwanpur as we all know volunteerism is very powerful way to engage young people for development.”

Photo Credit: Bruno Oliveira

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