Introducing our Project Manager and Medic Team

12th June 2013

Fiona Melissa1

We have made it through Advance Week here at Fieldbase and on Sunday were really excited to welcome new arrivals – Our Project Managers and Medics! Later in the expedition we are expecting the arrival of our Finance Officer Douglas, then James joins us on Phase 2 as Project Manager and finally Carla completes the Medic Team when she joins us on Phase 2 and 3.

 My apologies for the lengthy break since our first blog post, it has been a really busy week of intense training for us all. This blog is a little rushed but briefly introduces you to our fantastic new arrivals, this post will be followed up with a more detailed round up of what we’ve been up to.

Firstly, let me introduce you to the lovely Fiona, our Fieldbase Officer and Melissa, Logistics Coordinator. They are pictured here in front of our mutually signed 'Group Contract' with the Field Base cats.

Fiona  Melissa1
The girls joined us ahead of the PMs and Medics last Friday and since the girls arrived they have been thrown in at the deep end. Both have been a huge help as part of our Advance Team sorting out paperwork and admin with us, taking care of the necessary checks on equipment and vehicles, taking their driving assessments and preparing for us to ‘Get Out There’.

Here are our Borneo 13E & F PM and Medic Teams..
with the odd random fact I’ve learnt about them when I've grabbed 5 minutes to chat!

Project Managers

PMs Group

Dan Adventure Project Manager Practices yoga and can perform (and has demonstrated to us) an impressive Yogic Headstand
Phil Adventure Project Manager He has taken a year sabbatical from his day job and Australia is his next stop after Raleigh
Jessica is a Canadian
Eva loves kids and food
Tamzin will get back to me with her fact!
David accidentally auditioned for a Hollywood film once
Chris loves cats.. especially Bryan
Krystyna has visited 28 countries
Kim once caught a bus across the US from Detroit to LA
Jack rode a motorbike across India without ever riding one before
Neruja achieved a runner up award for women working in Nuclear in Europe
Tracey shaved her head during a trip to Africa in 1997
Leonora is a solicitor with 14 piercings
Sophie has featured on BBC The Apprentice


Medics Group
Aoife has visited 45 countries
Sonya has visited 48 countries 
Teresa has climbed the world’s most active volcano, Mount Kilauea
Pip has skydived 10,000 feet
Mike will also get back to me another time
Murray is a former reggae star. Here he is in all his glory! 
The Medics all join Fern, our Advance Medic who you met in our last post.
I should also mention Owen who joins our team but is not taking part in the whole expedition. He is carrying out research for his Masters degree with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. His studies will benefit Raleigh as we continue to ensure the best possible standards in health and safety are met.

It has been 3 days of intense back to back training this week which included health and safety, radio comms, sustainability debates, expedition paperwork and a swim test. 
Tomorrow everybody who I have introduced now will deploy to Base Camp for 2 days of jungle training.  When we return I’ll go into more detail about Advance Week and our 13E & F Projects.