Introducing Raleigh ICS Entrepreneur

26th March 2014

Raleigh International is piloting this programme, working in partnership with Challenges Worldwide, Balloon Ventures and VSO. Our first volunteers will take part in placements this summer in Nicaragua, with plans to introduce the programme in Tanzania in the spring of 2015. Raleigh ICS Entrepreneur, similarly to Raleigh ICS, will team volunteers aged 18-25 from the UK with people the same age from developing countries. Supported by team leaders (aged 23 or over) the teams will work through activities such as market research, training and skills development. In addition to the volunteer teams, there will also be local mentors on hand to offer advice and expertise on the specific project areas. Following the placement volunteers and team leaders will carry out a project based in their own community, utilising the new skills and passion they have gained. Volunteers with Raleigh ICS Entrepreneur do not need to be experienced entrepreneurs or business professionals nor is it a requirement that they have any specific qualifications in this area. They do however need an interest in business and social enterprise and a passion for using these to create positive change. Young people with paid or voluntary experience in a business setting and those that can demonstrate relevant skills and aptitudes such as team working, mental resilience, networking, problem solving and creative thinking will be considered for the programme. Team leaders for this programme will require strong facilitations skills and may also have professional business or entrepreneurial experience. ICS Entrepreneur is funded by the Department for International Development. The programme aims to bring about impact through meaningful community projects, volunteer personal development and the creation of active citizens. To find out more about the ICS Entrepreneur programme please visit or email us at

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