Introducing successful entrepreneur Yona – Team Mibula

7th November 2015

Team Mibula with Yona Filiston
Team Mibula with Yona

Yona is 19 years old and a young, successful entrepreneur living in Mibula. In the summer this year he attended Raleigh’s ICS Entrepreneurship training, developing his skills and knowledge in business with the idea to sell animal feed.

“I appreciate Raleigh providing me with the education and confidence to start my own business.”

Yona was successful in applying for a loan; having recently received his financial support, he intends to set up his business right away. When we met with Yona, he was very enthusiastic about telling us what aspects of the previous training program he enjoyed the most.

“My favorite sessions were learning about what a business is, how and why we conduct market research and the importance of cash flows and how to record them.”

In Raleigh’s search for mentors in Mibula, Yona was very eager to become a mentor having gone through the training and pitching process and would love to maintain the entrepreneurship spirit in the village, providing knowledge, experience and support to the many more entrepreneurs currently attending Raleigh’s sessions held in the heart of Mibula.

“Before Raleigh came to Mibula, I couldn’t get a clear career picture in my mind. I’m thankful for all that Raleigh has provided me.”

We are looking forward to continuing our work in Mibula in the next phase of the project.

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