Introducing our Volunteers for the Summer Cycle!

30th June 2017

Group 1: GORKHA

The Gorkha group started their induction on the 19th of June. They were greeted in Nepali style with Tika and khada (scarf). The group headed to their assigned placements on 23rd June 2017. Group 1 has four teams this cycle, who will work in the sector of Livelihoods and will also continue the work left by their predecessors.


November Charlie 1 (NC1)

Placement: Ripthok

Project: Livelihoods

Top Left: Aakriti, Shankar, Anna, Suraj, Kate, Lumanti, Team Leaders Marco and Buddharaj
Bottom Left: William, Alia, Benjamin, Louise, Olivia and Sylvia


November Charlie 2 (NC2)

Placement: Khadka Gaun

Project: Livelihoods

Top Left: Miisa, Conor, Lucy, Romesh, Millie, Ajoke, Patrick and Aakash
Bottom Left: Meery, Laura H, Team Leaders Pragyawatee and Lizzi, Sunita and Georgina


November Charlie 3 (NC3)

Placement: Patpati

Project: Livelihoods

Top Left: Team Leader Matt, Dylan, Kanchan, Lauren, Shelisha, Basanta and, Team Leader Nitish
Bottom left: Chelsea, Pujan, Kusum, Samjhana, Viraj and Polly


November Charlie 4 (NC4)

Placement: Kaudi

Project: Livelihoods

Top Left: Susen, Benedict, Karolina, Sohaib, Eleanor, Team Leader Elliot
Bottom Left: Laura W, Aditya and Aayami, Channara, Neeyara and Team Leader Santosh


Group 2: Makwanpur

Right after Group 1 was deployed, Group 2 arrived and were welcomed in similar fashion. After being allocated to their placement teams, the group left the training grounds and headed for Makwanpur. With the five teams in Group 2, two will be working on Livelihoods, while the other three will focus on WASH.


Team November Charlie 5 (NC5)

Placement: Kaliban

Project: WASH

Top Left: Team Leader Sangeet, Rosie, Abi, Team Leader Sam, Grace D, Rowan and Tenzin
Bottom Left: Rajan, Sean, Jehan and Abigail


Team November Charlie 6 (NC6)

Placement: Dumrekuna

Project: Livelihoods

Top Left: Team Leader Amy, Love, George, Richard, Clare and Sandeep
Bottom Left: Team Leader Asma, Melissa, Rodhan and Harry


Team November Charlie 7 (NC7)

Placement: Amling

Project: WASH

Top Bottom: Team Leader Tessa, Anna, Ranjit, Lauren, Oliver P and Oliver K
Bottom Left: Pallavi, David, Grace T, Yusra, Aagan and Team Leader Mahesh


Team November Charlie 8 (NC8)

Placement: Ghante Khola


Top Left: Kristam, Piyush, Peter, Aiman, Jared and Aimee
Bottom Left: Team Leader James, Charlotte, Apurwa, Grace S, Team Leader Gandip


Team November Charlie 9 (NC9)

Placement: Adamar

Project: WASH

Top Left: Team Leader Baibhav, Jack, Hussien, Ayush, Tim and Team Leader Harriet
Bottom Left: Pratikshya, Harriet, Sajan, Hester and Imogen


Our volunteers have had a busy first week, integrating with their community and planning their project for the cycle.


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