Goodbye Basuki

6th May 2016

What would you be doing now if you hadn’t volunteered with Raleigh?

Charlotte: “Hopefully I would be doing a trip like this with another organisation or working and earning some money for travelling.”

Mason: “I would be floor fitting 5-6 days per week from 6.30-19.30”



What do you want to do after the placement?

Mason: “Now I want to go to uni, study history and become a history teacher. This trip has inspired me to do something with my brains.”

Sophia: “My perception towards certain things has changed. I am more passionate about working for man-kind and community development and issues


How has the placement helped to shape your future plans?

Yvette: “It hasn’t really changed what I want to do, but rather strengthened the knowledge that I want to do this kind of work.”

Alex: “It has given me space to assess what I want to do. Let me think about what I want rather than what other people want of me. Now hope I can go after what matters for me.”

Samikshya: “I have learnt more about working with a diverse team and also realised areas for within myself.”

Aaron: “It has given me a lot of time to think. The different age ranges of the volunteers at different steps in their lives have shown me that I am ready to move on to the next one in mine.”


Will you continue development related work? Have you any thoughts to return to Nimti in the future?

Alex: “I definitely feel that making a difference in others’ lives is something I would like to continue. Perhaps helping people act out their ideas because I know how hard it is to start them sometimes.”

Holly: “In terms of development work I’m becoming a lawyer, so possibly the legal side of development. Meeting people from different walks of life have made me want to advocate for them.”

Rahul: “I plan to visit Nimti again in a month. It will be like visiting my second family again”

Ashish: “I want to return to Nimti. I will take part in development if it is related to irrigation, healthcare or transport as these were the 3 main problems identified by the surveys.”

Vivek: “I would like to come back here but I am unsure if it will be through development work. Perhaps just to see the difference our work made to the community, or how our work helped the future cycles.” This view was also supported by Yvette, Charlotte and Sukant.


What will you tell your friends about your placement when you return home?

Callum: “I feel like in the last 3 months I have learnt more than perhaps I might in 4 years of university, life-wise. It has been good to break out of the education to university to work cycle and do something different.”

Aaron: “It’s nothing like they have experienced before. The bond that you form with the community is different to travelling. I would suggest it, especially to those unsure of what to do next as it gives you time and space to think.”

Sukant: “I will suggest it to anyone as it really helps develop different skills; time management, social skills, confidence and a responsible attitude.”

Niamh: “I will definitely recommend it to my little sister. I will tell my friends it is a life changing insight into something I wouldn’t usually get to see, even if travelling, as you are submersed in the culture.”

Holly: “I have met people who have inspired me to re-evaluate my life and priorities through their love, hope and generosity.”


Written by UK Volunteer Alex Rudd and Nepali volunteer Samikshya Bhattarai

Youth In Civil Society Nepal