It’s fun and games in Oscar 9 – Keerapathi

29th June 2015



After a arriving in our beautiful village – surrounded by the mountain views we quickly set about making our community hall feel like home.


With the help from our new neighbors we collected water, built a showers and set up camp quickly. We were quickly introduced to the village with the help of our friend and cook - Shelvi. With such a warm welcome it wasn’t long until our first – impromptu – WASH lesson. We built our first tippy tap outside, surrounded by eager children and villagers, teaching them the 7 steps of handwashing.


We continued to make our presence in the village known. We went from house to house speaking with everyone and drinking lots of tea, already we feel we have made some great friends! Amongst our friendly village neighbors we met our local ASHA worker (the village nurse), she invited the whole team to the next town for a Malaria Awareness Rally.


Honoured to be accepted so quickly and invited to such an important event, the next morning we put on our boots and travelled to Martally to march against malaria. It was great event for the team to attend as the whole community was there, they met local doctors, nurses, school teachers and who can help us in our project.



We felt united with the villager, children and our friends from Oscar 10 as we chanted awareness messages about using mosquito nets. After a long day we reached back to our new home, inspired to plan more awareness raising activities.


Back in the village sports day was eagerly anticipated. With help from the local Father and schools, we managed to invite everyone in the village!! Over 100 children participated, which was a little crazy and hard to keep their excitement controlled. The event ended with every child washing their hands. All in all the first week has been a great successful, productive and fun!