It's goodbye from Raleigh ICSE Tanzania!

21st April 2015


So the time has time to bid farewell to our volunteers from Team Lukata, Team Kyimo, and Team Nkalise after an unforgettable 8 weeks. The volunteers have begun their journeys home to se thei frined sand families and will no doubt be reflecting on their experience working in rural communities here in Tanzania.


The volunteers have achieved a remarkable amount during their time here, providing training and coaching to 45 young people, mentoring them through the difficult process of starting up small businesses. They have faced challenges that are common in pilot programmes and have helped to implement improvements and have contributed massively to the great success of the project. The entrepreneurs have not only gained busines skills and knowledge but have developed as people too. Many entered the programme shy and reserved, but emerged confident and inspring young men and women with promise and ambition for the future.


The teams have gained a lot as well, with experience working in a resource-poor environment, on a challenging development project. They will benefit greatly from this experience and hopefully take it forward to whatever the future holds in store.


The volunteers should be proud of their achievments and Raleigh Tanzania gives thanks for their dedication and hard work in contributing to the sustainable development of Tanzania.


Asante sana!