It's the start of a new phase for the 10 weekers!

25th July 2013

Time is flying by and we are already 4 days into Phase 2 of the 10 week expedition. The majority of PMs and Venturers have been reallocated and are now settling into their new Alpha teams 1-7.  The Alpha Teams deployed Basecamp on Sunday and wasted no time progressing with their projects. Here is a brief roundup of how they are getting on..

 Alpha 1 – Kindergarten build, Abingkoi, Tenom

Alpha 1

PMs: Jess Vreeswijk and Tim Chapman
Duncan Howard, Elinor Brewer, Freija Vermeer, Isobel  Bentley, Job Winfield, Keyon Davis, Nicholas Oon, Rebecca Potton, Rowena Sharp, Shea O'Sullivan, Valérie Schuermans,  Ward Muhisen

They all arrived at the village of Abingkoi on Sunday and set about making improvements to their accommodation, building shelving and extra storage. The team have now finished laying the floorboards in the Kindergarten, so the next job is to dig holes for the veranda supports and carry more cut timber through the jungle to the work site.

It’s not all been hard work though,  Alpha 1 have made time to play with the children in the village and will be holding a sports day with the village in Koloroi on Friday.

Alpha 2 - Gravity Fed Water System Build, Sungai Magandai

Alpha 2

PMs: Neruja Srikontharajah and Carla Stanton

Amber Simon, Chloe Davis, Dean McBride, Eleanor Jest, Esme Moss, Holly Wilson, Jonathan Mulvany, Lara Tulloch, Richard Paterson, Richard Hui, Shermine Grigorius, Simon McIntyre

Alpha 2 arrived at Sg. Magandai safely and spent their remaining time on Sunday setting camp and settling into their home for the next three weeks.

They have been trekking between camp and the dam site. They have now completed cement works on the dam. When they haven’t been mixing cement and progressing with the construction of the dam, they have been finding time to play sport with the local community and giving English lessons to the children.

Alpha 3 – Suspension Bridge Build, Imbak Canyon Conservation Area

Alpha 3

PMs: Sonya Davidson, David Waters, Krystyna Joyce

Aida Gashi, Alexander Graham, Alice Gilson, Arthur Vaney, George Everett, Joseph Kelen, Kati O'Sullivan, Matthew Kofi, Oh Eng, Rebecca Renwick, Wenxi Zhao

The whole team arrived at Rangers Camp, Imbak Canyon Conservation Area safely on Sunday afternoon, then trekked themselves and their provisions 10K through dense jungle to reach their home at Raleigh Camp. 

In the short time they have been there, the team have already finished building a stairway down to the river, so that they can carry rocks from the river up to the suspension bridge construction site.  When Alpha 3 are not weightlifting rocks, they are enjoying amazing power showers in the beautiful waterfall, Imbak Falls.

Alpha 4 – Ranger Camp Construction, Danum Valley Conservation Area

Alpha 4

PMs: Jack Lamburn, Phil Smith and Aoife Mhaoileoin

Abi Jewkes, Alastair Gardner, Anna Carter , Benjamin Gourlay, Cara Eilender, Charleson Chew, Charlotte Reid, Danielle Wilkinson, David Best, Harriet Murray, Henry Peacock, Ioan Evans

Alpha 4 have arrived safely at Danum Valley Field Centre and have been out exploring the stunning protected rainforest. They have spotted orang-utans, gibbons and macaks. 

And, when they are not monkeying around, you will find them hard at work trekking the dense jungle. On Wednesday the team trekked to Ulu Purut camp and arrived safely. Morale is high!

Alpha 5 – Dive then trek at Mamutik Island and Long Pasia

Alpha 5

PMs: Dan Allen-Baines and Murray Hudson

Abby Skinner, Alain Lifmann, Calum Bateman, Dominic Lord, Doris Tarawalie, Jacky Cheung, Katharine Gibbins, Katherine Finch, Philip Dyer, Philippa Leadley, Preethina Ramakrishnan, Rachel Wilshaw, Sarah Bentley

Alpha 5 are currently on the beautiful island of Mamutik testing themselves in the dive part of their phase – it’s a well deserved break from the jungle.

During the last 4 days on the island the team have completed their Open Water Padi tests and are looking forward to some fantastic diving opportunities when the team help to clean the Marine National Park with ‘Project Aware’ – This is the scuba diving industry’s leading non-profit environmental organisation who are dedicated to conserving the aquatic environment.

Alpha 6 – Trek then dive at Long Pasia and Mamutik Island

Alpha 6

PMs: Kim Strobl and James McClean

Constance Moon, Duncan McCririck, Emmeline Janssen, Gemma Gee, Kimbley Jaidul, Matthew Staite, Molly Pearson, Natalie Drew, Philip Willis, Ryan Turner, Sarah Vowden, Sophie Church, Will Sharp

Alpha 6 arrived safely in Long Pasia on Sunday afternoon and set up their camp. They have taken on some pretty challenging and very wet terrain.

On Tuesday they took a rest day before continuing their trek to Dragon Camp. They were tired but in high spirits and feasted on a dinner of noodles.  On Thursday they arrived at Botoi Camp and today it's a trek to Bamboo Camp. The whole team are fit, well and happy.

Alpha 7 – Kindergarten Repair, Kg. Tiong, Tuaran

Alpha 7

PMs: Tamzin Lymath, Chris Grey and Eva Kam

Benjamin Frei, Charlotte Middleditch, Damon Athanasius, Eileen Deuster, Harriet Semple, Lucy Munday, Mairi Crombie, Marcus Jansson, Natalia Zaidi, Rosie Collings, Samuel Prime, Sophie Berdugo

Alpha 7 arrived safely at Kg. Tiong on Sunday and immediately started to get to know the local community by helping the village to make signposts. They have been digging manholes for the foundation posts and writing lesson plans for the children’s English lessons while they wait for the delivery of building materials.

This is a 1 phase project to maintain a Kindergarten that was previously built by Raleigh 9 years ago. The site is located in the foothills of Mount Kinabalu and the view of the mountain is spectacular.

We hear they have enjoyed a fantastic dinner with the locals. The team are eagerly learning the local dialect of Dunsun while teaching the children English.

mt kinabalu

Over the course of Phase 2, the Fieldbase team will visit each of the project sites on “The Loop” and bring you further updates.

In the meantime, be assured that everyone is safe, well and enjoying themselves.

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