It’s allocations time!

14th October 2015

In just five short days, the Delta groups have formed incredible bonds and learnt together everything they will need for project life.  But now it is time for new teams to be formed and their Raleigh journey to continue all across Sabah.

So now, the moment we have all been waiting for….let’s find out where everyone is going!

Alpha 1 – Sonsogon Paliu

The Alpha 1 team will be heading to Sonsogon Paliu to complete a gravity fed water system and deliver a WASH program (water, sanitation and hygiene) to increase awareness of safe hygiene practices. The Alpha 1 team consist of Catheline, Harry, Henry, Isobel, Jack T, Jack, Jessey, Jip, Sanderijn, Valerie, and Project Managers Beth and Tina.

Alpha 1

Alpha 2 – Kampung Kiau Nuluh

Alpha 2 will be working in the community of Kiau Nuluh where they will be repairing an existing gravity fed water system and carrying out a WASH program to the villagers. The Alpha 2 team are Abigail, Alena, Elaine, Freya, Hidde, Jorrit, Keren, Lucas, Oscar, Otto, Roza, Thomas and Project Managers John P. and Sally.

Alpha 2

Alpha 3 – Danum Valley Conservation Area

Alpha 3 will be spending their phase in the incredible Danum Valley Conservation Area where they will be primarily working on building a suspension bridge. Alpha 3 consist of Annabel, Clare, Doortje, Duncan, Eliz, Floris, Guy, Louk, Lydia and Project Managers John W. and Louise.

Alpha 3

Alpha 4 – Imbak Canyon Conservation Area

The Alpha 4 members will be working in Imbak Canyon Conservation Area where their main task will be to continue work on the building of a suspension bridge. The Alpha 4 team are Annelot, Auguste, Claire, Ferras, Harry, James, Ming, Thomas, Zoe and Project Managers Anna, Jess and Vari.

Alpha 4

Alpha 5 – Crocker Range

The members of Alpha 5 will be undertaking a 17 day trek in the beautiful Crocker Range, an area of rich plant diversity not to mention breath-taking views. Alpha 5 consist of Aengeriani, Carmen, Donovan, Hugo, Isobel, Jack, James Julie, Laura, Pieter, Rachel, Robin and Project Managers Ade and Jill.

Alpha 5

Good luck to all the Alpha teams! Check back on the blog soon for more updates from the teams as they progress with their projects.

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